Tour of Sentosa Island – Check out Wave House & MegaZip Adventure Park

One of my new favorite attractions to visit in Sentosa Island is the Wave House and MegaZip Adventure Park. Last year, I was there and I had a wonderful time, but this particular trip was just stupendous. I had a tour of this amazing tourist destination in Singapore and I have to tell you, it has moved right to the top of my favorite side-trips in SG.


The island is located offshore from Singapore and is known as Pulau Blakang Mati which translates to the not very fun sounding ‘Island of Death’ though the name was changed in the early 1970’s to the more relaxing Sentosa. While the thrills may be somewhat death defying on Sentosa, it is hardly an island of death, island of adventure would be a better name.

Wave House Sentosa Island
Wave House Sentosa Island

One thing that all visitors should do is take a trip on the cable car. From the harbor in Singapore, it is a ten minute ride to get to the island and arriving by cable car may be part of the reason why I love this place. Within the island, be sure to get into the amazing water park known as the Wave House. At the Wave House you can slide, surf, and catch the big artificial waves in the wave house.

Megazip Adventure Park Tickets
Megazip Adventure Park Tickets

It’s a particularly nice place for families to visit. for any kind of water sports, you can find the right alternative in the wave house. Be warned though, it can be crowded so when you wipe out be prepared to wait a while for your next turn. While waiting, house Djs spin great music and often the music lounge offers a great place to have some cocktails or enjoy some appetizers. Parents like to sit and socialize while the kids catch waves or ride the big slides to shrieks of enjoyment.

Ready to Jump
Ready to Jump?

Another best place to visit in the island is the Megazip Adventure Park. With an innovative combination of adventure, rides, fun, and nature – there is something for everyone at the Megazip. The engineering alone is an amazing feat.

Don’t lose your nerve though or you will miss out on going up the Carlsberg Sky Tower and having the amazing views of Sentosa and the entire Singapore! If you are afraid of heights, this will knock your socks off.

We were not able to try it out since we are running out of time for the Zoukout Party but overall, I think the service was good. All the staffs were helpful and really pleasant.

So, don’t wait around like I did. Head to Sentosa and discover something wonderful.
  1. Marlowe says

    Great post, it’s very informative. BTW the Wave House Sentosa seems really cool and fun to try out. I’m putting it on my top things to do list when I visit Siloso beach again!

  2. cheap flights singapore says

    Can’t wait for my visit to Singapore. I really haven’t been there but for sure I will go soon due to the recent low air fares offered 🙂 Sentosa seems like an adventure paradise and I can’t wait to experience it.

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