Ya Kun Kaya Toast: A Taste of Singapore’s Finest!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Review

We were too excited to avail of the voucher I bought from a group buying site so we hurriedly battled traffic last Thursday morning to have breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. We were already at the Ortigas area when I checked the printed voucher for the exact address of the place, and I could just laughed when my eyes set on the claiming date starts on January 22, and my phone tells me it was only January 20.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Kaya Toast

Just the same, we were craving for Kaya Toast (that popular breakfast in Singapore) so we still went to the place. Ya Kun Kaya is housed in Fern Building in Scriva Drive behind the University of Asia and the Pacific. The building is near Shaw Blvd, so if you are coming from Pasig, better turn right to Scriva Drive and the building is on the right.

It is far from the glam Greenbelt or Eastwood atmosphere. It is like your nearest coffee shop where you can grab coffee and go. Ya Kun Kaya Toast offers more than coffee. We checked the menu, and I ordered the Cheezy French Kaya Toast (Php150) which comes with 2 coddled eggs and brew (coffee or tea).

While waiting for our orders, I checked out the place – it has nice comfy couches for more relaxed and intimate conversations; and a few chairs and tables which were occupied by gentlemen that morning who looks like businessmen.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Manila
Ya Kun Kaya Toast Manila

It also has a chairs and tables set up outside for those who might prefer to have a stick or two while having breakfast. This is just infront of the store which also serves as a parking space.

The store has current magazines on display, and even Archie Digest Magazines! Reminds me of childhood days, and the presence of those double digest magazines makes me feel at home.

In less than 10 minutes, our orders arrived. The toasts were served hot and not toasted with soft cheese filling; while the Kaya was served on the side. Coddled eggs were wet and runny (but you may request to have it cooked done). The brew was just perfect for morning (dark roast with medium acidity), with condensed milk served on the side (as I requested). I felt I were really in Singapore. – the place is quiet, peaceful, and safe.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Before we headed home, I have to visit the washroom (washroom is always included in my itinerary when reviewing a restaurant or hotel!). There is only a common room for ladies and gentlemen, but I cannot complain. It is clean and well-maintained; has a working flush, and ample supply of liquid soap and tissue paper.

If you will ask me if I would come back to Ya Kun Kaya Toast (FB Page)? I sure will.. Not just to use my voucher, but to enjoy every bite of authentic Kaya Toast!

  1. robs says

    yeah, Love the cheezy french toast and the fact that you can have the eggs hard boiled. They don’t skimp on the Kaya, the condiments even the service water.If you ask me, having the kaya breakfast here is a better experience than having it in …. your uaual kaya and coffee house.

  2. Pat says

    It’s like eating my favorite Kaya Toast in Singapore!

    I’m badgering people to try this one out. And Ruth, I think those 2 people are not just businessmen. I think they’re celebrities!

  3. cheap flights philippines says

    I think I have tasted the same thing but from Kopiroti – so now I know whom they are immitating. It’s a great treat and its something new from the casual things you eat for breakfast or merienda.

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