Photo Sunday : You Will Not Be Sorry with Boracay’s Chori Burger

Craving for a street food in Boracay? I first heard about chori burger during our Microtel Boracay Fam Tour back in 2005 and since then, I always made sure I’ll have a Chori Burger fix each time I visit the island.

Chori-Burger Boracay
Mag Chori Ka! (Say Chori!)

For the unfamilliar, Chori-Burger is a sliced and grilled longganisa (often called Chorizo in the Visayas) that comes with grilled hotdog bun and a sweet or spicy sauce. It is widely offered in most barbeque kiosks located in almost every corner of the white beach area.

The chorizo is sweet and spicy but if you want it more spicy, you can request for them to put spicy sauce in the hotdog bun. Chori Burgers are available every afternoon till 2am in some Barbeque stands near D’Mall Boracay.

  1. Gawaya Travel Blog says

    Yum…this looks delicious! Sometimes street food can be so delicious but at the same time we should be careful too 🙂

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