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Rio de Janeiro – Amazing Beaches And Samba

Rio de Janeiro is magnificent city that is picturesquely situated between green mountains and clear azur water. The incredible beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the charming coves and many beautiful small islands can make your vacation in the city one of the best in your life. Rio is a huge cultural and commercial center of Brazil and it is visited by millions of tourists every year. The beautiful architecture, amazing nightlife, numerous water attractions, fantastic music and girls will always offer something memorable to all people around the globe who dare to visit the Mecca of Samba.

rio de janeiro

Aerial view of Christ Redeemer and Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a place that you have to visit in South America and there are so many cheap all inclusive holidays that you can avail online. Its dynamic and unique atmosphere will grab you immediately after your arrival. It’s better if you plan your vacation there July and August if you want to enjoy its astonishing beaches or in February and March if you want to take part of the famous carnival.

There are many places that you have to visit in this colorful Brazilian city. One of the best unique attractions is Corcovado or also known as Statue of Christ. The stunning view that it offers will remain in your mind forever. It is the symbol of the city and therefore, its small souvenir variant must be in your luggage when you are on the way back home for sure.

Copacabana beach is probably the most famous beach in the world. Here you can enjoy the stunning views surrounded by some of the most beautiful girls on the planet. Many water attractions and sports like surfing, snorkeling and diving, beach volleyball and soccer fields will help you to have great time all day long. The nightlife of Copacabana is also extremely interesting.

At the famous avenue “Avenida Atlantica” are concentrated many really great restaurants – cafes, bars and discos. There is no doubt that your fun and relaxing time are guaranteed. Really a lot has been said about the most famous carnival in the word. Amazing atmosphere, colorful and exotic costumes, incredible dancers and rhythm of samba are everywhere. It is an event that will bring happiness and vital energy in your life for sure.

During the week of the Rio carnival the fiesta is literally nonstop. So, try to take a little break and just visit some other of the city’s famous buildings and spots. Other worth seeing places are Maracana Stadium, Tijuca National Park, Ipanema beach and the beautiful Botanical garden. They all have a lot to offer to their visitors and if you manage to find time for them then your Rio vacation will be completed.

Rio de Janeiro is a place that can make every person on the planet to forget about the daily stress and problems just in a matter of seconds. It is ideal for great summer vacation and the chances for fun that you will receive are really countless. The place is perfect for both family and bachelor vacation. Just look for some amazing travel deals and you will have unforgettable time for less than expected without any doubt.

Written by Melo Villareal

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