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Top Things to Do In and Around Shirakawa-Go

Things to Do In and Around Shirakawa-Go photo via Depositphotos

The Best Things To Do in Shirakawago

Shirakawa-go in Gifu Prefecture is Japan’s very own Winter Wonderland. With a beautiful panoramic view of its gassho-zukuri style houses, it’s the ideal winter destination for tourists who want to enjoy a memorable snow experience in Japan.

Things to Do In and Around Shirakawa-Go photo via Depositphotos
Things to Do In and Around Shirakawa-Go photo via Depositphotos

Where is Shirakawa-go located?

Shirakawa-go is located in Ono District in Gifu Prefecture, at the center of Japan. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is why it’s frequented by travelers from all over the world. But aside from this site, there are many other interesting places to visit in the area and its neighboring cities. Read more below!

Top Things To Do in Shirakawa-Go

Take a Tour of the Wada House

Wada House photo via
Wada House photo via

Visit the Wada House and learn more about the Wada family and their culture! The Wada House is a gassho-style house that you’ll see in the Shirakawa Village with a roof structure shaped like hands clasped in a prayer position.

Inside the house, you can see the silkworm display and exhibits and how these traditional houses are built in the past.

Location: 501-5627 Gifu-ken, Ono-gun, Shirakawa-mura, Ogimachi

Taste the famous Hida beef

Hida beef skewer on rice photo via Depositphotos
Hida beef skewer on rice photo via Depositphotos
Hida Beef
Hida Beef

A trip to Gifu Prefecture should always involve a taste of their very own Hida beef, made from a black-haired Japanese cattle breed raised in Gifu.

One of the best beef varieties is that Hida beef has a beautiful marbled texture best grilled, and is paired with sake.

Visit the Hakurankan Museum

Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan Museum photo via
Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan Museum photo via

Also located in Gifu Prefecture, the Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan Museum is an interesting place you could see while in the area. It’s a small museum, but it houses lots of artifacts that’ll tell you much about their culture.

You can also dance the famous Gujo Odori Dance with their women in yukata to better appreciate their performance art!

Location: 50 Tono-machi, Hachiman, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture
Admission fee: ¥520 (Adult); ¥310 (Child)

Cook “Fake” Food in Sample Kobo

Sample Kobo
Sample Kobo

See those realistic-looking food samples in restaurants? You can create one of your own at Sample Kobo! This place is known for its creative food making experience made with wax. Here, you can create fake tempura and lettuce in a fun way!

You may also observe how the experts create the more difficult ones and buy them as souvenir gifts for your friends!

Location: 956 Hashimotocho, Hachiman-cho, Gujo City

Experience the Shinhotaka Ropeway

Shinhotaka Ropeway
Shinhotaka Ropeway

See a splendid winter view when at the Shinhotaka Ropeway, where it gives you a 360-degree view of the Northern Alps. Two ropeway options are available, with ropeway number 2 that lets you ride a double-decker gondola.

If you’re coming during winter, we suggest you wear warm clothing as it gets colder as you go up. If you go here in spring, you’ll see a scenic flowery view and the blooming alpine trees.

Location: Shinhotaka Onsen, Okuhida Onsen-go, Takayama City
Admission: ¥2,900 (Roundtrip)

Shop at the Miyagawa Morning Market

Miyagawa Morning Market
Miyagawa Morning Market

Early riser? You’re in for a treat quite literally at the Miyagawa Morning Market. Located along the Miyagawa River, this morning market consists of stores and stalls that offer delicacies, fresh fruits and vegetables, and souvenirs. Some of them even offer free taste, which will make you want to buy their products even more!

They’re open as early as 6 am from April to October and 7 am in the succeeding months, so make sure to drop by when you feel like going for a morning walk!

Location: Shimosannomachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture

Have Fun Making Sarubobo Dolls

Sarubobo Dolls
Sarubobo Dolls

The Hida region is famous for its monkey dolls called Sarubobo. These are said to be lucky items made by mothers to be given to their daughters for different wishes. Red sarubobo dolls are for marriage and fertility, green for health, yellow for money, and more.

At the Hida Takayama Crafts Experience Center, you can create one for your own. It’s a perfect souvenir item to give to your family and friends!

Location: 1-436 Kamiokamotomachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture

Are you planning to visit Shirakawa-go in the future? Bookmark this page and explore more about the beauty of Shirakawa’s neighboring cities!

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