Coron Bucket List: Top 10 Best Things to do in Coron Palawan

Malcapuya Island by Jah Cordova

Top Things to do in Coron Palawan

Having a plan is a must when visiting Coron Palawan – with so many things to see and do in the area, if you don’t know how to spend your time properly, you’re going to end up wasting a lot of it. To help you on preparing your Coron Travel Itinerary, heres the Top Things to do in Coron Palawan:

Things to do in Coron
Hiking Mount Tapyas – Things to do in Coron

Things to do in Coron

1) Hike Mount Tapyas

If you think you can take it, hiking to the top of Mount Tapyas can be both a fun experience as well as great exercise. While it’s not for the weak-spirited, this can definitely add a great touch of excitement to your trip, and show you some of the more beautiful parts of Coron Palawan’s nature.

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Maquinit Hotspring
Maquinit Hotspring

2) Visit Maquinit Hotspring

Accessible from a variety of points around the islands, the hot springs of Maquinit can be a fantastic way of ending an exciting day of roaming around. You’ll find every special feature you’d expect from a place like this, and the quality of the springs and the pools is just superb.

Calauit Island Safari Park
Calauit Island Safari Park

3) Explore Calauit Safari Park

Are you a nature lover? Then you absolutely have to pay a visit to the safari park on Calauit Island, and go on one of the regularly scheduled trips. This is an experience like no other, and if you’ve come to Coron Palawan for a more nature-oriented experience, this shouldn’t simply be on your to-visit list; it should be at the very top of it.

Islet in Coron Palawan
Islet in Coron Palawan

4) Do Island Hopping

There are numerous islands in the region that are all waiting for you to explore, and you’d be surprised how many interesting things are hiding just a few kilometers away from wherever you’re staying right now. The place is full of secrets to explore, and there are numerous connections available to take that can help you realize a fantastic Coron island hopping expedition. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and try to get around as many of the different islands as you can!

Tasty Lamayo Breakfast
Tasty Lamayo Breakfast

5) Eat Danggit Lamayo

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you should try some authentic Danggit Lamayo while you’re here. This is a special local dish, one that you won’t find elsewhere, and it’s worth coming to Coron just for this alone, if you’re a fan of exquisite and interesting foods. It’s quite unusual even if you’ve already tried some of the local dishes, and it’s really a “love it or hate” it kind of experience, but you can’t really know which side of the debate you stand on until you’ve tried it at least once!

Diving the Barracuda Lake
Diving the Barracuda Lake (photo by Dahon via Flickr)

6) Go Snorkeling and Diving

You’re surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, and it would be a shame to not try out the local opportunities for diving. There are various clubs in the area that you can rent equipment from, although if you’ve brought your own, then you can start from practically anywhere. Some parts of the water are specifically made with diving in mind, and can give you quite the interesting underwater sites to explore. If you have a waterproof camera that’s good for shooting underwater, definitely make sure you bring it along and keep it well-charged, as it’s going to see some use.

Kayaking in Coron Palawan
Kayaking in Coron Palawan

7) Try Kayaking

And of course, you can also enjoy the water from above, and go on a kayaking trip. It should take you about one whole day to fully explore all the island has to offer in this way, so it’s best to set aside one of your vacation’s days for that purpose specifically. It’s definitely well worth it though, especially if you are a fan of more relaxed, pleasant holidays and aren’t the overly active type. You’ll get to enjoy some amazing scenery while indulging in all the relaxation you could ask for!
Have you been to Coron, Palawan? Can you share other exciting things to do in Coron? Feel free to share your comments below:
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