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Jack’s Ridge in Davao City

While everyone was busy Google Mapping @ Mam Bebs, we were at Jack’s Ridge enjoying the birds eyeview of Davao City right after visiting the Davao Japanese Tunnel.

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Overlooking Davao City

The area where Jacks Ridge now stands used to part of the Japanese headquarters during the World War II. The Japanese soldiers were forced to retreat to the Matina Hills when the Americans landed in Davao in May of 1945. Here they could secure a panoramic view of the gulf where the American ships were waiting. As history has shown, fierce fighting took place here at this time, ultimately with the Japanese bowing in defeat.

Kool Kats Pool

Today over 60 years later, you can still find reminders of this historic time at Jack’s Ridge. Dugout caves still litter the area and it is not uncommon to find bullet casings and other artifacts in the soil. There is also a local rumor still going around that there is hidden gold in some of these caves that the Japanese had pilfered from other countries and brought into Davao to hide.

A flock of Pigeon

Jack’s Ridge has managed to maintain the reasons why the Japanese found it to be so important which is its vantage point high above Davao city. Thankfully the owners of this area have made sure the region maintained its natural beauty. Today Jack’s Ridge has been developed to offer a new dining experience, with high end restaurants with more plans to expand on the horizon.

Davao City Trivia

Some of the restaurants now located on Jack’s Ridge include Taklobo, Kai’s Bar and Grill where local bands serenade the crowd all night, Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee. A great new addition is Kool Kat’s Pool where swimmers can lounge about amidst waterfalls while enjoying the wonderful view. There are also facilities that can be used for weddings and banquets as well as a really cool outside amphitheatre and cottages for those who want to experience a night in this beautiful lush environment.

Before we left the place, we visited the souvenir shop located next to the resort. Its perfect to visit Jacks Ridge in the afternoon so you can play with multitudes of pigeons also owned by the resort.

Written by Melo Villareal

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