Lake Agco in Kidapawan City

It was exactly 8am when we left our hostel to visit our one and only pit-stop in Kidapawan – The Lake Agco. Our halal-habal driver was already in front of our hostel waiting for the two us and few minutes after, we started our habal-habal adventure. Our driver advised that we buy food in the city because food is quite expensive in the resort area.

Lake Agco in Kidapawan
Lake Agco trail in Kidapawan

For the unfamiliar, Lake Agco is one of the main attraction in Kidapawan City. This place is located at the foot of Mount Apo in Ilomavis, Kidapawan City in Mindanao. It is a blend of calm lake and thick forests which make this a lovable place to visit and stay. The area where the lake is located is the Sacred Tribal and Ancestral Grounds of Manobo Tribes of Mount Apo.

Bumpy Roads
Bumpy Roads

There are areas that still has bumpy roads and travelers can have a really exciting ride in a habal-habal. It was an exciting ride for me since its been more than five years from the last time i had a habal-habal ride.

Banana Plantations
Banana Plantations

It will take almost an hour to reach Lake Agco. Though some users can feel uncomfortable with the ride on the habal-habal, nobody will have an issue with the view they get on either side. Travelers are sure to get impressed with the scenic beauty of the trees as well as mountains. Along the way, we passed by scenic country side mostly covered with Banana, Mango, Durian and Rubber plantations.

Durian Tree
Durian Tree

Mount Apo has been declared as a preserved area and is almost surrounded by mountain ranges. While traveling towards Lake Agco, visitors will be able to have a view of the Nipa huts where the locals live.

Mount Apo Souvenir Items
Mount Apo Souvenir Items

The people here never wanted to move out of this place where their ancestors used to live. They deserve appreciation as they have maintained forests as well as greeneries in this mountain as it is. One of the unique features of this lake is that it is also known as boiling lake which means that the water in the lake will have a higher temperature.

Melo Villareal beside the Lake
Melo Villareal beside the Lake

Travelers are not advised to swim in this lake. The lake is located almost 50 to 100 meters away from the resort. One of the main reasons of water having higher temperature is because Mount Apo is regarded as a Dormant Volcano. Visitors who wish to have mountaineering are allowed to climb the peak of the mountains which can also be seen from the resort.

There are Mountain resorts in Lake Agco. These resorts are mostly managed by a cooperative that comprises of different tribal members in that area. These resorts have rooms designed for a comfortable night stay. Another interesting feature in this resort is that they also provide camping sites for all those who love to have some adventure.

Other facilities inside the resort include the presence of a sari-sari store followed by a huge cold spring pool and several hot spring pools. Even spa is also available for the tourists in the resorts on demand.

Travelers are also allowed to bring their foods inside the resort since the resorts do not have any restaurant inside. Tourists can also shop in vendor stands that sell souvenir products and vegetables such as fresh sayote, kamote as well as other kinds of leafy vegetables.

For reaching Kidapawan City, travelers will have to board a bus or a van from Davao city or Cotabato City. There are routine bus services to Kidapawan from the bus terminal in both Cities. From Kidapawan City, It only takes almost 45 minutes to an hour to reach the Lake.

For your Habal-habal requirement, you can contact Apol (0946) 669-1048 in Kidapawan City. A habal-habal ride to lake agco will cost you P240 per way for a maximum of 3 passengers per ride.
  1. thepinaysolobackpacker says

    yung mud pool pala nasa loob daw ng spring lake. toinks. thanks for joining me on this trip Melo! i miss your company! 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Gael – thanks for letting me join you on one of your backpacking trips… see you soon:)

  2. JinJer ( Kalaisan ) says

    Good article 😉

    Never been to this place, although I reside all my life nearby Kidapawan. Wanna visit Lake Agco one day!

  3. Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog] says

    I already heard this lake agco when I visited Kidapawan. My trip then was diverted to Passig Islet. Sabi ko na ba, si Gael yong nauna na naka pink….:-).

  4. melo says

    @Jinjer – I think thats always the case. Just like me I grew up in Quezon but I havent been to some of the best beaches there:)

    @Bon – at least its much easier for you to visit Lake Agco since you are already in Mindanao unlike us…. Yeah sobrang madaling ma notice ang kaseksihan ni Gael hehe

  5. Ram & Ed | Pinas Muna says

    Just what we need for this weekend trip to Kidapawan. Thanks for sharing and for the contact number.

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