Travel Guide: Maquinit Hot Springs in Coron Palawan

Maquinit Hotsprings

Visit Maquinit Hot Springs on your trip to Coron

(Coron, Philippines) You trip to Coron Palawan will not be complete without  visiting the Maquinit Hot Springs, especially if you have been physically active swimming, island hopping, diving, hiking etc. If you think that Coron is just a Summer Getaway then think again, you can enjoy Coron’s famous hot springs during rainy season as well. Adventure is endless here:)

Maquinit Hotsprings
Maquinit Hotsprings

What makes Maquinit Salt Water Hot Spring different? It  is the only known saltwater hot spring in the Philippines and probably the only one in Asia. The hot spring is just about 25 minutes from the town center and is perfectly located between a hill and the blue sea whose shores are lined with mangrove trees and floating bamboo cottages.

You can reach the place after your island hopping activity since your boat can duct right near the mangroves or you can reach the resort by land by hiring a tricycle.

maquinit entrance
maquinit entrance

I was surprised when i learned that the water is salty unlike most of the hot springs I’ve visited in Luzon. The water actually comes from a volcano located underground and its temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius.

Surrounded by Mangroves
Surrounded by Mangroves

The springs were a welcome site after an exhausting day exploring the nearby beaches in Coron, hidden lakes and the hikes to get to there. It was a great fix taking a dip here to help ease my tired and aching muscles.

From town I hired a tricycle to bring us to the springs and for a pre negotiated price, they will wait for you while you are there especially if you visited the resort in the afternoon where fewer tricycles are frequenting the area.

wooden foot bridge in Maquinit
wooden foot bridge in Maquinit

The springs name is derived from the Tagalog word Mainit which means hot, and boy they were freakin right!  It was almost night time when we got there, and the 40 degrees was the “cooled down” temperature.

I guess during the day it is a lot warmer, unbearable in a few spots. After few minutes in that natures huge hot tub, the others in my group paddled over to an even warmer area, as for myself I retreated to the edge and sat with my feet in the water only.

Early Morning in Maquinit Hot Springs photo by Mattk1979 via Flickr
Early Morning in Maquinit Hot Springs Photo by mattk1979 on / CC BY-SA

We stayed for about an hour and left the springs feeling complexly rejuvenated and ready to eat, sleep and prepare for another day of never ending discovery.

How to get there

From the town center, hire a tricycle to the hot springs. Tricycle rental will cost you Php300 (around $6) for a round trip transportation. Ask for the driver to wait for you and take you back to the town center / resort.

Entrance Fees

The hot spring resort opens at around 6am and closes at 10pm. The Entrance Fee is P150 or (about $3) per person.

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    There’s another salt water hot spring in Coron. The Sangat Hot Spring, although you can only get to it if you kayak through mangroves. Read that in this post:

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