Trekking Mount Tapyas in Coron Palawan

Palawan having been dubbed as the Philippines “Last Ecological Frontier” has deserved the name, even with that expectation in mind, you can never really be truly prepared by what you will actually experience here.

Climbing Mt Tapyas in Coron
Mount Tapyas Climb

One day, having been blessed with good weather, I decided that my major activity of the day would be to climb Mt. Tapyas.

Coron Palawan Philippines
Overlooking Coron Town

It seemed like a good preview to what would lie ahead in my week of exploring the islands. Mt Tapyas is one of the mountains in Busuanga and stands at 210 meters above sea level which also gives a magnificent birds eyeview of the laid-back town.

Stairs in Mount Tapyas
Easy to Climb Stairs

If you think the climb is just for hardcore mountain climbers, then you are wrong. Don’t worry about having to climb a mountain as it has been developed into a tourist site and over 700 stairs have been erected that lead you up to its summit.

Pinacle of Mt. Tapyas
Top of Mt. Tapyas

There are signs all over Coron leading you to the mountain but you will want to search for a basketball court with a flight of stairs leading to the dominant metal cross at the top. Depending on what kind of shape you are in, it should take you about an hour to reach the summit from the stairs. If you need to stop, there are several shaded areas along the trail to do so.

Coron Palawan Philippines
Local Couple

You will want to bring water though on a warm day to help keep you hydrated. I had left in the afternoon so it was dark when I came down. There are some lighted posts along the way, but some are too far apart so you may want to bring a flashlight for this reason. Once down and back at the room, you can still see the glow of the cross at the summit as it watches over the town. Climing Mt. Tapyas is a great side activity when visiting Coron, it will give you a bigger picture of what else awaits in this paradise.

  1. cham says

    hi! just want to ask how long is mt tapyas from town proper of coron.. we will be arriving at 4pm at the airport, just want to ask if we’ll reach mt. tapyas before sunset. thanks!

  2. Michael Yap says

    we went here last week. Coron is really nice place! I’ll be back soon 😀

    check this out:

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