Antwerp Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Antwerp, Belgium

What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Antwerp?

Best Things to do and See in Antwerp Belgium via DepositPhotos

Antwerp Popular Activities, Best Tourist Spots, and Amazing Places to Visit in Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium’s second-largest city, Antwerp, is beyond magical. It is home to some of the most creatively designed buildings, grandest landmarks, and chicest boutiques. Its culture and cuisines are no less than inviting too!

Best Things to do and See in Antwerp Belgium via DepositPhotos
Best Things to do and See in Antwerp Belgium via DepositPhotos

If this beautiful city has been enchanting you for some time now, consider revamping your bucket list with these activities in mind:

Circumnavigate one of Europe’s best zoo

Zoo keeper is feeding penguins in the zoo of Antwerp via Depositphotos
Zoo keeper is feeding penguins in the zoo of Antwerp via Depositphotos

Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest and most established zoos in the world. It is frequented by millions of people who can’t help but be amazed by what it offers. In this wildlife park, you can find over 7,000 animals.

There are over 27 mini-parks to circulate in this zoo, leaving you with numerous things to see and several activities to do. Your journey usually starts with visiting the mesmerizing Butterfly Garden and ends with the exhilarating Bird Building. In between, you will enjoy the sights of varying penguins.

Did you know that king penguins and macaroni penguins exist? How about naming some nocturnal animals? Nocturamas like aardvarks, armadillos, tamanduas, and Philippine mouse-deer reside in this park and they’re all worth seeing. Some crowd-favorites include wandering the Buffalo Savanna, the Valley of the Great Apes, and the Egyptian Temple.

Discover the music of Antwerp

Museum Vleeshuis photo via Depositphotos
Museum Vleeshuis photo via Depositphotos

Museum Vleeshuis features around 600 years of Antwerps’s musicality and dances. It depicts the lives of street musicians, passionate trumpeters, impressive carillon players, and their music enthusiasts.

Since emotions make music and music make emotions, prepare to be deeply immersed in the roots of Antwerp through sound. You will also discover how music shaped the opera and concert halls of this lovely city as you rummage this museum’s galleries.

Visit an ancient cathedral

Three stained-glass windows in the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp by Alvesgspar via Wikipedia CC
Three stained-glass windows in the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp By Alvesgaspar – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  CC

How does it feel to share the same pathways with different generations in the span of 600 years? You’re about to find out! This Gothic cathedral of Antwerp was constructed between 1352 and 1521.

Although the Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp looks well-designed, its construction is barely complete. To some, this edifice is like a timeless character that grows over time—it’s never fully complete. Some of the most notable things to see here, apart from the cathedral itself, are the works of a well-respected painter.

The creativity of Sir Peter Rubens, Otto van Veen, Jacob de Backer, and Marten de Vos are all displayed here, waiting to inspire your day.

Have a date with the world’s finest chocolates

Chocolate Nation Museum Antwerp
Chocolate Nation Museum Antwerp

Some of the most heavenly chocolates in the world are artisanally made by the chocolatiers of Belgium. If you want to spend time getting to know these sweet delights, Antwerp has the largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world.

The Chocolate Nation features many chocolates, a 90-minute guided tour, and complimentary tastings. Experience love and euphoria in a bite through Antwerp’s chocolatiest!

Be dazzled by around 500 stellar jewelries

DIVA Museum for Diamonds, Jewellery and Silver by Bert76 Wikipedia CC
DIVA Museum for Diamonds, Jewellery and Silver By Bert76 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Antwerp’s DIVA museum has six rooms with six different stories waiting to be untold. It has an unparalleled collection of diamonds and other gemstones that are systematically displayed to narrate their own stories.

As you visit this house of diamonds, you will be welcomed by your butler. You will be shown the Wunderkammer, an exquisite chamber featuring luxurious stones from different parts of the world. After reminiscing the city’s rich past, you will be shown the There will be a demonstration of the diamond-cutting and silversmithing necessary to create the world’s most beautiful gemstones.

You will also get acquainted with how trading diamonds happen through The International Trading Room. More rooms are displaying one-of-a-kind exhibitions waiting to amaze you. Make sure you spend some time in this museum of luster.

Tour a popular Belgian marketplace

Grote Markt Antwerp by Julien Grandgagnage via Wikipedia CC
Grote Markt Antwerp By Julien Grandgagnage – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Belgium is home to the Great Market Square, also known as Grote Markt. This famous landmark houses an illustrious-looking 16th-century town hall and many charming cafes and quaint shops. This fascinating marketplace lies by the 220-mile-long Scheldt river that also flows through France.

Grote Markt is especially lovely during Christmas because of the ice rink installation and the more bountiful bazaars. Although this place is, even more, engaging in the winter, you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting all year round.

Go on a boat tour

Flandria Boat Tour Antwerp
Flandria Boat Tour Antwerp

Going on a boat tour on Antwerp’s heavenly waters is one of the most relaxing yet exciting ways to go around.

This city’s seaport is Europe’s second-largest, making it home to over 100,000 great ships that make the most scenic sight. If you want a different vantage point for the sunrise and sunset, boat tours are perfect for you.

Check out the museum by the river

Museum aan de Stroom by Zinneke via Wikipedia CC
Museum aan de Stroom By Zinneke – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Museum aan de Stroom, also known as MAS, is Antwerp’s largest museum. Its unique design features a bricked 200 ft. exterior and an art deco-inspired interior, designed by the world-renowned Neutelings Riedijk Architects.

You will see over 180,000 artifacts here that depict the city’s history, artistry, and an enviable culture.

See the extensive collection of a Belgian art connoisseur

Museum Mayer van den Bergh by KotomiCreations via Flickr CC
Museum Mayer van den Bergh by KotomiCreations via Flickr CC

Fritz Mayer van den Bergh is the eldest son of considerably wealthy parents. With immense wealth in his hands and a lovely taste in everything beautiful, he invested in ancient art and a variety of masterpieces.

Besides art, he loved plants, flowers, and photography. He also had fine taste in thoroughbred horses. After his death at 43 years of age, his mother founded and managed a museum commemorating his son’s fantastic collection. Even after their death, their exquisite taste and many masterpieces continue to live on through the Museum Mayer van den Bergh.

Uncover what makes this UNESCO World Heritage Site special

Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp by VisitFlanders via Flickr CC
Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp by VisitFlanders via Flickr CC

The multifaceted history of Belgium is impossible to confine in just one museum. In the 16th century, Christophe Plantin and Jan Moretus shaped history through their printing company, which produced some of the most excellent collection of printing types during their time.

The Biblia Polyglotta, a bible written in five languages, is one of Christophe Plantin’s most iconic works. Because of their contributions to Belgium, their printing press, and the rest of their works, form the protected collection of the Plantin-Moretus Museum. In 2005, this museum was nominated and listed as a world heritage site.

Trace the notable journey of Red Star Line

Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp by Diamond Geezer via Flickr CC
Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp by Diamond Geezer via Flickr CC

Over the years, Red Star Line has been sailing passengers to and from Antwerp. Their ships have contained emigrants whose lives have been permanently changed since the day they emigrated. Their gigantic boats have also seen loved ones get together after sailing far away for some time.

Today, a museum proudly shows its contributions to Belgians in the most interactive way possible. The Red Star Line Museum has various activities for the whole family, with a wondrous cafe at the upper deck. Many families loved seeing this museum, and you certainly will too.

See more ancient art at The Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp by Ad Meskens via Wikipedia CC
Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp By Ad Meskens – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp has been displaying a multigenerational art since 1810. Here, you will see the glorious paintings, sculptures, and drawings that influenced the 14th century through the 20th century.

The notable creativity in this museum reflects art in many countries across Europe. Besides the exhibit, its neoclassical building is also a must-see.

Drop by Rubens’ House

Rubens House Interior courtyard by Velvet via Wikipedia CC
Rubens House Interior courtyard By Velvet – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Antwerp’s Ruben is unlike any other Ruben. Peter Paul Rubens is one of the most influential artists during his time. His artistry is known to many European countries. Among his most notable works are altarpieces, such as The Raising of the Cross, The Descent from the Cross, and for the Cathedral of Our Lady.

His home in Antwerp is preserved to maintain its untouched form. If you are interested in getting inspired by one of the best painters Europe has ever seen, you should undoubtedly see this home.

Visit St. James’ Church

St. James Church, Antwerp by Lieven Smits via Wikipedia CC
St. James Church, Antwerp by Lieven Smits via Wikipedia CC

If you love phenomenal churches, St. James’ Church is the perfect place for you. It showcases a Gothic exterior and a Baroque interior. This church is believed to have been around since 1431 or earlier.

The design contrast is very telling of the amount of history it has seen. The remains of the respected Peter Paul Rubens lie here, making this landmark even more valuable.

Appreciate the vibrant art at St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul's Church, Antwerp by bert76 via Wikipedia CC
St. Paul’s Church, Antwerp By bert76 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

This beautiful church is nestled in the old city center in Antwerp. It sits by the Scheldt river, which makes it a sight to behold in the outside. Once you enter its Baroque arches, you will see amazing sculptures and paintings by well-acclaimed artists that influenced the city’s glorious past.

Artists and sculptures like Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens, Artus Quellinus the Elder, Pieter Verbrugghen I, Jan Pieter van Baurscheit de Elder, Jan Claudius de Cock and Andries Colyns de Nole have contribute to the magnificence of this church. With all this elaborate art, visiting St. Paul’s Church is undeniably one of the most inspiring experiences in this country.

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