Top 10 Best Things to Do in Valladolid, Spain

Valladolid Tourist Attractions, Activities, and Best Places to Visit in Valladolid, Spain

Best Things to Do in Valladolid, Spain

Valladolid Bucket List: What are the top attractions to visit in Valladolid, Spain?

The city of Valladolid is the de facto capital of Castile and León, Spain. Being the meeting point of the rivers Pisuerga and Esgueva, this city is a favorite destination to tourists and locals alike.

As of 2013, this city is inhabited by around 309,714 people. The inhabitants of Valladolid are very accommodating that you can quickly feel like a part of the community during your stay in Spain.

Best Things to Do in Valladolid, Spain
Best Things to Do in Valladolid, Spain

Visiting Valladolid will make you realize that you won’t run out of things to do in this city as it is home to many activities and tourist spots. This list gives you only the best things that you could do in Valladolid, Spain:

Experience Spanish theatres

During the Festival of Theatre and street arts of Valladolid held every May, companies worldwide show their performances.

These concoctions of performances make a theatre out of the unique streets of this city. The event showcases works by starting actors and new groups who desire to establish their professional careers.

Lope de Vega Theatre in Valladolid photo via Wikipedia CC
Lope de Vega Theatre in Valladolid photo via Wikipedia CC

The city of Valladolid is never short of theatres. The Lope de Vega Theatre is another must-visit, situated on María de Molina street.

The world-renowned architect, Jerónimo de la Gándara, designed this theatre’s majestic building. This theatre currently offers various plays and classical and ancient music concerts that play jazz, new age, flamenco, and more.

Another famous theatre in the city is the Teatro Calderón de la Barca. This theatre is named after Pedro Calderón de la Barca, one of Spain’s foremost dramatists who is also among the finest playwrights of world literature.

Enjoy the plays and musicality of this city with friends, family, and new acquaintances!

Be inspired by the Valladolid Museum.

This educational and inspiring museum was built in the 16th century with two sections—archaeology and fine art. In a place where history meets creativity, any museum enthusiasts are sure to have a memorable experience.

In the archaeology section, artifacts from the Palaeolithic age to the middle ages can be found here.

Meanwhile, exciting pieces like paintings, ancient furniture, traditional Spanish ceramics, and Flemish tapestries are stored in the Fine Arts section. Indulge in a little bit of history and art through this refined museum.

Enjoy a great bar scene and nightlife.

Shops around Valladolid Plaza Major
Shops around Valladolid Plaza Major

Valladolid has some of Spain’s most fabulous bar scenes in a university town. Nightlife in Spain can be later than the rest of the world; hence, the siestas.

Make sure you have ample energy with you till the early morning because dinner is usually at ten while the nightlife begins at 2 or 3 am.

Learn Authentic Spanish

Stairs inside University of Valladolid
Stairs inside the University of Valladolid

Valladolid is the birthplace of the Spanish language. Hearing the language in its purest and clearest form and intonation is a great learning and practicing opportunity.

So, be part of the crowd and do your best to converse with them in Spanish!

Attend the Seminci

Calderon Theatre is the Valladolid International Film Festival headquarters photo via Wikipedia CC
Calderon Theatre is the Valladolid International Film Festival headquarters photo via Wikipedia CC.

Valladolid is home to the Valladolid International Film Festival, also known as Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid.

Seminci, for short, this film festival has been held annually in Spain since 1956. Experience one of Spain’s ongoing traditions by attending this festival and more!

Join a sporting event

Another annual event to attend in Valladolid is the Internation Winter Motorcycle Rally, also called Penguins. This takes place in the village of Puente Duero, where an encounter between motorcycle lovers takes place.

Bikers of diverse nationalities come together over motorbike outings, concerts, the Penguin Christmas and New Year’s parties, and the Penguin Prize awards.

If this is not enough, fret no more. Another event, the 20K Simancas Villa, is a racing event in Valladolid’s pine forests. Be an audience or participant in these energetic events for that unique travel experience!

Stroll in Castles

Royal Palace of Valladolid by Miguel Angel Guadilla via Wikipedia CC
Royal Palace of Valladolid by Miguel Angel Guadilla via Wikipedia CC

Valladolid houses historical and eye-catching castles. In fact, the Royal Palace of Valladolid used to be the Kings of Spain’s official residence between 1601 and 1606.

Another castle that awaits your visit is the Castle of Torrelobatón, a fortress initially built to express the strength and influence of the notable Enríquez family.

Lay your eyes on some of the country’s most preserved castles while at Valladolid!

Have a taste of the best wines in Spain

A rosado from the Cigales region - Valladolid photo by Agnes27 via Wikipedia CC
A rosado from the Cigales region – Valladolid photo by Agnes27 via Wikipedia CC

Valladolid, the land of great Spanish wines, has five wine regions offering only the finest wines. Among these wine regions is the Ribera del Duero, one of the world’s most recognized of its kind.

Most of the wines here are from red grapes, primarily produced using the Tinto Fino grape variety. Don’t forget to make time for wine tasting when you visit Valladolid.

Further your studies

Facade of University of Valladolid
The facade of the University of Valladolid

In this province, you will find the University of Valladolid. This public university was established in the 13th century, making it one of its oldest universities.

Experience what it is like to study in one of the oldest higher education institutions in Spain by furthering your studies here.

Eat Lechazo Asado

Lechazo asado Valladolid Spain by Xavier Bejar via Wikipedia CC
Lechazo asado Valladolid Spain By Xavier Béjar – Flickr: P1290158, CC BY-SA 2.0, CC

The primary specialty of Valladolid is lechazo (suckling baby lamb). The lechazo is slowly roasted in a wood oven and served with salad.

Indulge in Spanish cuisine


Spain is home to some of the most flavourful dishes and sauces globally. Have a taste of the authentic gazpacho when you visit Valladolid.

In Spain, a blend of the reddest and ripest of tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, bread, peppers, and cucumber are made to reach a smooth consistency.

After which, the mixture is chilled and poured into bowls or glasses, and the result? A no less than delicious and refreshing gazpacho. If you love prawns, gambas al ajillo is also a must-try!

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