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Top 12 Best Things to Do in Chimay, Belgium

What are the top attractions to visit in Chimay?

Chateau de Chimay photo via Wikimedia CC

Bucket List: Top 12 Best Things to See and Do in Chimay (Belgium)

Chimay is a beautiful town of Wallonia offering tourists deep history and culture. There are also lots of best things to do in Chimay, Belgium, like drinking Trappist beer or visiting historical sites and nature reserves.
So to add up to your list, here are the 12 best things to do in Chimay, Belgium.

1. Château de Chimay

Chateau de Chimay photo via Wikimedia CC
Chateau de Chimay photo via Wikimedia CC

Explore the lives of the royals at Château de Chimay, located in Hainaut, Wallonia, Belgium. This historic castle has been the home of generations of Princes of Chimay and their ancestors. However, the public can only tour some rooms since the Chimay Princes still live at the castle.

2. L’Espace Chimay

Espace Chimay Beer photo via FB Page
Espace Chimay Beer photo via FB Page

Traveling to Chimay won’t be complete without trying the Trappist beer. While the brewery at Scourmount Abbey is not open for tours, you can head to Hostel Poteaupré Escape Chimay to learn about its history, making process and try your first glass of Chimay beer.

3. Scourmont Abbey

Scourmont Abbey Church by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT via Wikipedia cc
Scourmont Abbey Church By Jean-Pol GRANDMONT – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0, cc

Located at Forges village, Scourmont Abbey is a Trappist monastery where the Chimay beer brewery is, since 1862. And if your visit to L’Escape Chimay piqued your interest, Scourmont Abbey occasionally sells the “Pasterbier” variety that is not often sold to the public and only consumed by monks.

4. RAVeL Ligne 156

For history enthusiasts, you may explore how the RAVel Ligne 156 serves its purpose of connecting the two towns of France, Anor and Hermeton-sur-Meuse, linked by Chimay. Dating to the mid-19th century, Wallonia consists of railway lines that serve quarries and become a path for cyclists and joggers.

5. La Collégiale Saints-Pierre-et-Paul

Eglise Saint Pierre et Paul Chimay by BUFO88 via Wikimedia cc
Eglise Saint Pierre et Paul Chimay by BUFO88 via Wikimedia cc

The La Collégiale Saints-Pierre-et-Paul is one of Hainaut’s beautiful churches, featuring a Gothic-style choir dating back to the 1250s, the oldest section of the structure. It also has an 18th-century Baroque tower and a tomb sculpture of the Chimay’s 1st prince, Charles I de Croÿ

6. Aquascope Virelles

Aquascope Virelles by Inconnnu via Wikipedia cc
Aquascope Virelles By Inconnnu –, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

The Aquascope Virelles has an artificial lake, where local wildlife inhabits. It boasts Wallonia’s majestic stork visiting during summer, with installed live cameras to watch them nest and produce hatchlings. Also, there are viewing towers, an apiary farm, and a children’s playground in the area.

7. Lac de Virelles

The Lac de Virelles is a 1.25km2 artificial lake serving as a nature reserve in Wallonia. Apart from bird watching at the Aquascope Virelles, visitors can rent pedal boats to enjoy a ride while watching the wildlife inhabiting the area.

8. Circuit de Chimay

Circuit de Chimay photo by 1959jph via Wikimedia cc
Circuit de Chimay photo By 1959jph – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

The Circuit de Chimay serves as the grounds for Grand Pix des Frontières from 1929 to 1972, running for 10 kilometers. But due to a series of accidents, the motorcycling race track was reduced to 4.5 kilometers, held during July.

9. Marché de Noël

If you’re visiting Chimay during the holiday season, Marché de Noël is a Christmas-themed event held around December second week, turning the old town into a winter wonderland. The event is held for two days, featuring chalet-like stalls selling goods, from toys to local delicacies.

10. Musée du Marbre

A must-visit for art enthusiasts and designers alike, the Musée du Marbre features the marble history. Dating to the 16th-century marbles are in demand for the construction of pilasters, columns, and staircases. The quarries stopped operations in the 1950s and kept their details and samples at the museum.

11. Bunker Hitler Brûly

Hitler's Bunker in Bruly-de-Pesche by Stephan Kuhn Wikipedia cc
Hitler’s Bunker in Bruly-de-Pesche Par Stefan Kühn — Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Travel back in time as you visit the Bunker Hitler Brûly, which served as the headquarters of Adolf Hitler. It was part of the Battle of France finale, where Hitler stayed for around three weeks. The bunker was destroyed and rebuilt to remember significant history.

12. Petit Train Touristique

Lastly, the Petit Train Touristique is an ideal activity for something touristy. The trains start their tour from Grand-Place and around town, passing through Château de Chimay, Eau Blanche River, and Virelles village.

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