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Top 12 Best Things To Do in Lommel, Belgium

Amazing Activities & Attractions in Lommel

Reading Between the Lines, a piece of Art, created by architects Gijs and Van Vaerenbergh near Borgloon by Johan Neven via Wikipedia cc

Bucket List: Top 12 Best Things to See and Do in Lommel, Belgium

Lommel is known for its beautiful scenery and elegant buildings. Lommel has several nature reserves, including De Watering, the Lommel Sahara, and various woodlands and heathlands. Lommel is the third shopping city in Belgian Limburg. You may stroll through a forest filled with incredible sound sculptures, ride a circular bridge across the forest canopy. At Lommel, you can experience the calming ambiance of nature and sip a beer at one of the world’s few true Trappist breweries.

If you’re planning a trip to the picturesque city, here are 12 activities that we highly recommend!

1. Cycling Through The Trees in Bosland

Cycling photo via Pixabay
Cycling photo via Pixabay

Though it appears to be the activity name, it’s actually the English translation of the destination. It’s a one-of-a-kind riding adventure that takes you up to 10 meters above the ground amongst the trees. As you ride past the peaceful sound of leaves blowing in the breeze, you may take a deep intake of fresh air. You can always rent a bike if you don’t want to bring your own. De Lage Kempen is the closest bicycle rental location. You may also go for a jog or a stroll.

2. Visit the Sunglow Church, ‘Reading Between the Lines.’

Reading Between the Lines, a piece of Art, created by architects Gijs and Van Vaerenbergh near Borgloon by Johan Neven via Wikipedia cc
Reading Between the Lines aka Sunglow Church, a piece of art created by architects Gijs and Van Vaerenbergh near Borgloon By Johan Neven from Borgloon-Gotem, Belgium, CC BY 2.0

This Sunglow church is a strange yet fascinating piece of architecture. Due to the unique building method, the landscape is constantly visible throughout the cathedral, from afar and up close. As a result, the church is visible and invisible in the vicinity. It’s a partnership between young Belgian architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. The artwork suggests that the church makes the landscape’s subjective experience apparent and vice versa.

3. Climb the tower of Uitkijktoren Sahara

View from Sahara Watchtower by Campinia88 via Wikipedia cc
View from Sahara Watchtower By Campinia88 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

The 30-meter-high observation tower is a stunning structure with three levels that provide a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The designers found inspiration for the watchtower’s design from the sloping lines of the Sahara’s sand dunes. Because of the interaction of lines, a unique material was chosen for the facade, which was a rope. A rope has a natural color and look, but it is also flexible and heavy, which causes it to droop. This creates the unique curves of the lines where you can see through. It’s also accessible to everyone so you can enjoy the magnificent view for free.

4. Explore the forest of Bosland

The Tree House by visitflanders via Flickr cc
The Tree House by visitflanders via Flickr cc

Bosland is Flanders’ greatest adventure forest, where you may actually find serenity amid the trees. A total of twelve natural reserves are grouped together in this unique location in northern Limburg. Each has its own charm. Hikers, cyclists, the elderly, and the young feel at ease here. It’s a beautiful forest that’s appropriate for people of all ages. Kids can participate in treasure hunts as well. It unites four remarkable communities, all of which are on the move and eager to pamper you with a generous helping of genuine Limburg hospitality.

5. Hike and admire the miniature desert of Lommel Sahara

Lommel Sahara by Thomas Bormans via Unsplash
Lommel Sahara by Thomas Bormans via Unsplash

The Lommel Sahara’s vast sandy plain resembles a small desert. However, the region also offers clear blue lakes, heather-covered hills, aromatic pine woods, and dense forests. Hike past fascinating play areas, Will Beckers’ land-artworks, the pedestrian bridge, and the iconic watchtower. Even though swimming and other water activities are strictly prohibited, you may still enjoy the stunning view of this region. Swimming is not recommended owing to the risks involved; remember that several hazards lie deep within the water, so it is forbidden.

6. Have fun at the holiday park of De Vossemeren

Center Parcs - De Vossemeren by Xo0 via Wikipedia cc
Center Parcs – De Vossemeren by Xo0 via Wikipedia cc

This vacation spot is ideal for families. Aqua Mundo, an indoor tropical swimming center with extensive spa amenities, is part of the resort. Tennis courts are available and a variety of outdoor water sport activities. Aqua Mundo is included in the price. In all places, there is free WiFi. A wave pool and various slides, including the Monkey Splash Slide and the Wild Water Rapid, are available at Aqua Mundo. You may snorkel among tropical fish in the coral pool. Our Nature & Spa Wellness Center offers massages, a saltwater bath, and a solarium for guests.

7. Shopping at Marktplein

Market with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables via Pixabay
Market with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables via Pixabay

You can purchase various things at this beautiful cozy market, from gadgets to vintage and antique items. Unfortunately, if you’re visiting Lommel soon, the marketplace is closed due to unforeseen circumstances for the rest of 2021. However, in April 2022, the marketplace will open and welcome you with hospitable vendors and fascinating souvenirs. This marketplace is centuries old and was originally a watering area for cattle. There’s actually a deeper backstory of this marketplace in the 17th and 18th centuries.

8. Visit the historical church of Sint-Pietersbanden

Sint-Pietersbanden Church by LimoWreck via Wikipedia cc
Sint-Pietersbanden Church by LimoWreck via Wikipedia cc

Any visitor to Sint-Pietersbanden Church is whisked to the heavens. A quick glance at this protected landmark reveals the church’s several decades of construction: the neo-Gothic nave blends in perfectly with the late-Gothic church tower. Every Wednesday afternoon, carillon concerts are held here. The church tower was constructed in 1480 as a proud testament to the town’s prosperity. But the sheep deserve credit, for the church tower was sponsored by annual revenues from the local wool trade, garnering it the title “wool tower” shortly after.

9. Watch a carillon concert on a Wednesday afternoon at Burgemeesterspark

On Wednesday afternoons, this is a great place to listen to music. Burgemeesterspark, or Mayor’s Park in English, is a green lung in the heart of the city. The Burgemeestershuis in Sint-Pietersbanden Church are also nearby. This ambient city park with colossal trees and artistic park dwellers is Lommel’s chill-out and picnic location when the sun is shining. In Burgemeesterspark, art and music are never far away. It is inhabited by ‘De Buitenmens’ and was designed by landscape architect Paul Deroose. Henk Visch created a statue with a bizarre pose that immediately attracted the viewer’s attention.

10. Visit the Brewery of Achelse Kluis

View of the entrance Achelse Kluis Belgium by Tlg62 via Wikipedia cc
View of the entrance Achelse Kluis Belgium By Tlg62 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

The Achel brewery is one of the world’s smallest and newest Trappist brewers, yet it has a fascinating history. Beer has been made on-site since 1648, but it wasn’t until 1998 that the monks decided to restart brewing to earn funds for the monastery. The monks of Westmalle Rochefort assisted them in constructing the brewery, and in 2001, they launched their first beer, Achel 8, a powerful maber. The Abbey’s monks continue to make the brews, with earnings going to charity causes.

11. Relax at LAGO Pelt Dommelslag

LAGO Pelt Dommelslag photo via FB Page
LAGO Pelt Dommelslag photo via FB Page

Pelt also has a fantastic indoor pool and entertainment center 15 minutes east of Lommel. A wave pool, many children’s pools, slides, a lazy river, and an outdoor pool are all available at LAGO Pelt on days when the temperature rises over 20°C. A huge wellness area is open solely to those above 16 for weary parents and adults seeking relaxation. To mention a few of the features, there is a panoramic sauna, bio sauna, whirlpool, steam bath, warm lagoon, and a lovely wellness garden. There is also free WiFi throughout the facility and a café for a nutritious post-swim snack.

12. Visit the cemetery of Duitse Militaire Begraafplaats

Duitse Militaire Begraafplaats by Mertens Joeri via Wikipedia cc
Duitse Militaire Begraafplaats By Mertens, Joeri –, CC BY 4.0, cc

If you’re interested in history, this location is a must-visit for you. The German war cemetery of Lommel is located near Kattenbos, Belgium, in the municipality of Lommel. It is one of the largest German military cemeteries in Western Europe. The 16-hectare cemetery, established after World War II, contains 38,583 graves, most of which date from WWII and 542 graves from WWI.

Our Top Hotel Picks for Lommel, Belgium

  • Den Brugwachter [check rates and availability] – Den brugwachter is located in Lommel and offers a bar. Maastricht is 48 km from den brugwachter, while Eindhoven is 23 km from the property. The nearest airport is Antwerp International Airport, 65 km from the property.
  • Domaine Center Parcs De Vossemeren [check rates and availability] – Center Parcs De Vossemeren is a resort featuring an Aqua Mundo, an indoor tropical swimming center with extensive spa facilities. A wide range of outdoor watersport activities is offered, and tennis courts. Free access to Aqua Mundo is included. Free WiFi is available in all areas.

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