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Top 15 Best Things to Do in Waregem, Belgium

What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Waregem?

Restaurant Beukenhof Vichte photo via Facebook Page

Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Waregem, Belgium

Waregem is a municipality in the Valley of Leie River in the province of West Flanders, Belgium. The town has a relatively small population and is famous for its annual horse races. Horses have played an important role in the tradition of Waregem, and even the Great Steeple Chase of Flanders horserace still draws thousands of spectators every August.

Beside the horse race venues and the 18th-century architecture, Waregem is also home to several First World Ware relics, having been the last fighting field, and is marked by the famous Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memoria. There are plenty of things to do in this small city, including:

Tour Hippodroom van Waregem

Waregem Hippodrome photo vai Waregem Koerse FB
Waregem Hippodrome photo vai Waregem Koerse FB

As you may know by now, Waregem is billed as one of the top destinations in the world for horserace and lovers of the sport. The sport dates back to 1855, and the most famous spot is the Hippodroom van Waregem, which hosts the annual Great Steeple Chase of Flanders.

The Grote Steeple-Chase van Vlaanderen, as it is known locally, is a 4,600 meters race through 25 obstacles, the most spectacular of which is the water jump across the Gaverbeek river, which is in front of the grandstand and taken twice in the race.

Chill at the Public City Park

Park Baron Casier photo via
Park Baron Casier photo via

Park Baron Casier is the largest park in Waregem located near Market Square. The park is located in the gardens of a neoclassical villa and has been serving the city’s inhabitants since 1897.

The eight-hectic park is a great place to chill and admire the surrounding attractions such as ponds with beautiful fountains or stroll along the meandering paths.

Learn about the First World War at HIPPO.WAR

HIPPO.WAR visitor center
HIPPO.WAR visitor center

Opened just recently in 2017, HIPPO.WAR focuses exclusively on the First World War and narrates the role of the Americans Army around the city towards the end of the war.

Here, war buffs can study audio clips, footage, photographs, firearms, uniforms, and tear-jerking letters from the family of the servicemen who unfortunately paid for their lives.

The visitor center will, of course, remain free, but a reservation in advance is required. Reservations can be made via [email protected] or 056 62 12 52.

Watch S.V Zulte Waregem football game

Zulte Waregem playing Newcastle United in a UEFA Cup tie by Wikipedia CC
Zulte Waregem playing Newcastle United in a UEFA Cup tie by Wikipedia CC

Football is a unifying culture of all European countries. Almost every city you go to in Europe is home to one or two popular football clubs. In Waregem, the only top-flight football club is S.V Zulte, which was promoted to the Belgium league in 2005.

Notable footballers to have donned the Zulte Waregem jersey include Thorgan Hazard, Borussia Dortmund, Nikica Jelavic, who also played in the Premier League with Everton, and Englishman Saido Berahino.

Visit medevial estate of Goed te Nieuwenhove

Goed te Nieuwenhove by Zeisterre via Wikipedia CC
Goed te Nieuwenhove By Zeisterre – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Located southwest of the city, Goed te Nieuwenhove, is a former castle from the Gallo-Roman eras. The buildings here are believed to have been built before 1403 but were destroyed during the French Revolution.

Nevertheless, the buildings and the architecture and courtyard are worth visiting. Most of them are built from timber and stand several meters apart as a precaution against fire.

Admire art at Be-Part

Be-Part, Platform voor actuele kunst
Be-Part, Platform Voor actuele Kunst

If you are an art lover, critic, or writer, Be-Part in the southwest of Flanders is a place that shouldn’t be missed. This gallery focuses exclusively on visual art and covers areas such as past and contemporary art.

The museum also features a studio that accommodated resident artists and programs workshops to help young children experience art with a playful approach.

Enjoy beer at ‘T Geverhopke

Brouwerij met Brasserie 't Gaverhopke photo via FB Page
Brouwerij met Brasserie ‘t Gaverhopke photo via FB Page

‘T Geverhopke is located at Goed te Nieuwenhove’s yard and has been there since 2015. This family-run local brewery has been brewing beer for more than twenty-five years. Some of the served beers include double IPA, cherry-infused kriek, and abbey tripe, among many others.

Visitors can also tour the tasting room, which is open only on weekends and on Fridays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from May to September.

For visitors with kids, you will be pleased by the bouncy castle and playground, all of which are located in the courtyard.

Pay respect at Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial.

Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial via Wikipedia CC
Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial via Wikipedia CC

Located in the south-east of the city, the Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial is the only WWI memorial for American soldiers in Belgium.

Most of the soldiers laid to rest here died during the last week of the war.

The cemetery was situated on the battleground site where Allied Forces 91st Division clashed in the Ypres-Lys Campaign. Tourists are allowed to visit the cemetery all year-round.

Ride a bike on Gaverbeek Bicycle Trail

Gaverbeek Bicycle Trail photo via
Gaverbeek Bicycle Trail photo via

If you are a cyclist, you will be thrilled by the well-maintained network of tracks for bicycle riding in west Flanders.

One of the popular cycling loops starts at Park Baron Casier and extends 35 kilometers through the Leie Valley and into the slopes of the Flemish Ardennes before turning back through Wortegem and Oud-Moregem forests to the city.

Chill at Beukenhof Vichte

Restaurant Beukenhof Vichte photo via Facebook Page
Restaurant Beukenhof Vichte photo via Facebook Page

This charming park is located in front of a 19th-century neo-Renaissance estate in Vichte. You can explore numerous buildings around the park, including a porter’s quarter and a gardener’s house.

Stables and sheds are now occupied by the city’s youth group.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the city from Uitkijktoren Kruishoutem.

Uitkijktoren Kruishoutem by Spotter2 via Wikipedia CC
Uitkijktoren Kruishoutem By Spotter2 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Launched in 1963, this 30 meters tall tower was built from recycled concrete telegraph poles and offers a great spot to enjoy the city’s scenic views below, especially Deinze, Zulte, and Leie Valley as well as the undulating Flemish Ardennes hills.

Take a semi-classic professional cycling race.

Waregem, with its hilly landscape, is ideal for cycling in addition to horseracing. If you are up for the task, a 180 kilometers loop that passes through Flanders is one of the city’s sternest cycling tests, having been inaugurated in 1945 and promoted to the UCI World Tour in 2017.

Spend time at Stadionvijvers

Stadionvijvers photo via
Stadionvijvers photo via

This recreational park features a football stadium and a footbridge crossing over the pond. Visitors can chill here while enjoying a cup of coffee from the nearby coffee shops. It is also a great place to take a walk, morning jog, or bike riding.

Check out Brouwerij ‘t Verzet

Brouwerij 't Verzet photo via Facebook Page
Brouwerij ‘t Verzet photo via Facebook Page

Another great place to enjoy a cold beer, Brouwerij Verzet, is located in the southeast parts of Waregem. It was founded in 2011 and is known for brewing a mixture of innovative and traditional beers.

Admire the works of Roger Raveel

Raveel, Mural 2., 1966, painting on a wall, in the basements of castle Beervelde, Belgium by Cedric Rogiers via Wikipedia CC
Raveel, Mural 2., 1966, painting on a wall, in the basements of castle Beervelde, Belgium By Cedric Rogiers – Own work, CC BY 4.0, CC

Roger Raveel, a graphic artist and painter, was born in Machelen, a small village outside Waregem. After his stellar career, the artist returns to spend several years in the village, creating a wide range of art pieces depicting day-to-day items.

Today, there is a Reveelmuseum in the village housing over 2,500 drawings, 300 paintings, and the artist sketches’ collections.

Waregem Travel and Tour Packages

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