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Take a chance on Tenerife

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Beach in Tenerife

Why should people visit Tenerife?

Guest Post by Hannah Copues

If there’s one thing people always connect Tenerife with, it’s the cheap club scene and busy resorts full of irritating larger louts. Well, it’s not just a clubber’s paradise, nor does it only tailor to the needs of sun-thirsty beach bodies.

Think of the three T’s, tantalizing, thrilling, and tremendous in every possible way. It is an island of promise and a sub-tropical paradise containing everything you need to satisfy your desires on that long-deserved holiday getaway.

Beach in Tenerife
Beach in Tenerife

Dip your toes into the crystal blue Mediterranean waters and stroll across the soft golden sands. Bohemian and laid back, you’ll never have to worry about sleepless nights trying to choose that perfect bikini for the beach or shedding that extra 5 pounds to feel like you’re competing with the likes of Brad Pitt.

It’s a hub of friendly banter and welcoming locals. They’ll direct you to all the best destinations, whether the historical landmarks or the best restaurants in town.

Papas Arrugada - Canarian Potatoes
Papas Arrugada – Canarian Potatoes

There’s nothing to stifle or limit your options on this intimate sun-kissed island. With an explosion of varied activities, think of exciting boat trips, jet-skiing, wind-surfing, and an endless list of other exciting water and offshore sports to achieve that adrenaline rush.

Take strolls across the deserted moonlit beaches and plunge into pools that linger under the cascading waterfalls in colorful sub-tropical gardens. It’s the perfect escape for travelers who lust after relaxation and wish to recuperate after fleeing from dull and predictable living. Why not go the full hog? The island is home to some of the best masseuses the world offers. So you may even want to treat yourself to a cheeky massage while you’re there!

Tenerife Nightlife
Tenerife Nightlife

Don’t forget the picturesque and bustling towns scattered across the island. Wander through the charming streets and savor the colorful culture from market stalls to intimate roadside cafés. Did I mention the food in Tenerife is to die for? An important traditional facet, it may be, but certainly one of the most varied and scrumptious cuisines you’re likely to ever stumble across.

Now we know everyone is partial to a Maccy D burger (and you’ll certainly have enough fast-food options to satisfy those needs) but you’ll certainly be a fool not to discover Tenerife’s gastronomical treasure chest of food! The freshest seafood comes highly recommended. Just stay away if you have a nervous disposition around octopus and tentacles.

It’s not hard to see that this sun-kissed island has much more than your average resort. Whether you find yourself washed up on the beach after a ridiculously wild yet still memorable night out or maxing out your credit card in luxury boutiques hidden in mysterious backstreets, there’ll be something to suit everyone. Book your ticket today and jump on the quickest flight you can lay your hungry eyes on. It’s not rocket science; it’s Tenerife science!

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Written by Melo Villareal

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