Stellar chef lineup at the 15th World Gourmet Summit in Singapore

Everyone who loves eating good food can certainly appreciate something as delicious as the 15th World Gourmet Summit in Singapore. With an amazing lineup of super star celebrity chefs and some of the best food creationists in the universe present to show their stuff. the Lion City is famous for many things but among foodies it is this festival which marks it as a top destination.

Chef Janice Wong
Chef Janice Wong

The WGS is a world renowned celebration of culinary magnificence and brings some of the best critics, chefs, and of course those who just love to taste to Singapore for a full two weeks of competition, workshops, lectures, book signings, and more than a few tastings. Now in its 15th year, the WGS is better than ever.

This year the even was organized by Peter A. Knipp who promises that the only thing harder than making the creations these world class top chefs create will be finding a seat at the individual restaurants they come from. Instead of waiting weeks or years to get on the list, festival goers will be able to live the experience during the WGS. This is a great chance for Filipinos who take part in the WGS to rub shoulders and swap recipes with some of the top chefs on the planet and there will be plenty of focus on Filipino fare as well as the unique tastes and flavors of Singapore street food.

World Gourmet Summit
World Gourmet Summit

If you want to sample the delicious foie gras of Master Chef Michael Ginor, see the latest in Filipino food innovations, and satisfy your sweet tooth with the desserts of Chef Janice Wong, you can just come to one place. Not only that, but Chef Micahel Ginor will show those who attend how to make a delicious foie gras and of course they will be able to taste it…with champagne. He will offer a six-course menu including tuna tartare with nori-cured foie gras and a crème brulee of foie gras paired with duck and mustard fruit.

Chef Janice Wong, the proprietor and owner of 2am Dessert Bar in Singapore has been making gastronomic giant leaps with her pastry and dessert innovations. She will bring her Le Cordon Bleu trained skills to the demo kitchens. Filipino participants will be happy to know that she will be sharing her secrets and offering ways to pair her treats with Pinoy fair. The World Gourmet Summit goes from from April 25 to May 8. Further details can be found at

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    Can anyone recommend any nice hotels? For a decent price, of course?

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