South Korea New Visa-Free Program for Filipino Travelers – Everything You Need to Know

South Korea may introduce visa-free policy for Filipinos photo by @bundo via Unsplash

South Korea to Welcome Tourists from PH (Visa-Free) Starting 2020; But, There’s a Catch

Manila, Philippines — This news will definitely put a smile on every Filipino traveler’s face. Starting next year, the Government of South Korea is going to welcome travelers from the Philippines visa-free.

South Korea may introduce visa-free policy for Filipinos photo by @bundo via Unsplash
South Korea may introduce visa-free policy for Filipinos photo by @bundo via Unsplash

Thanks to South Korea’s new visa-free program, “Plan for Promoting Foreign Tours,” as announced by the Ministry of Strategy and the Ministry of Justice on Dec. 12, Philippine passport holders will enter the country even without a visa.

This new program will allow tourists to enter airports in inland areas, including Busan, Incheon, and Seoul, for up to five days visa-free. However, there’s a catch: It should be established that their final destination during their travel is Jeju Island.

Jeju Island photo by @7remnants via Unsplash
Jeju Island photo by @7remnants via Unsplash

In a report from, it has been cited that Daisy Bangalan Dimacali (through the Pinoy Seoul report last Dec. 15) said that this new government plan of South Korea is a significant part of the “Economic Policy Direction.”

Moreover, this new visa-free program of the country does not only cover tourists from the Philippines but also from Indonesia and Vietnam.

It can be recalled that back in November, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea announced the good news – that the Jeju area visitors visa-free program is among the three ways of entering South Korea. The two other types of tourists that could enter visa-free include those foreign transfer passengers as well as tourists in transit to third countries.

For Filipinos, South Korea is a prime tourist destination. In can be rooted in the popularity of Korean pop culture as Pinoys love Korean Dramas and Korean stars.

South Korea to relax visa application for Filipinos
South Korea visa-free for Filipinos

Earlier this year, the 1st Korea Pinoy International Film Festival was also held. It marked the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and South Korea.

It is also worth noting that Koreans also love to go here in the Philippines. In fact, the Department of Tourism named Koreans as among the top-ranking tourists in the country.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s now time to book your travel to South Korea starting next year. Share this good news with your friends and family as well.

Tourists in Korea
Tourists in Korea

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