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Travel Gears : Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag Review


If you are a frequent traveler and is always on the go, heres another all weather messenger bag that you may want to add to your collection. Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle is a shoulder iPad bag made from double layers of water resistant material. Field Twill is the material used for this bag thats why its tough and tender to touch.

Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag Review
Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag Review

Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag Review

The bag has an edgeless, clothes friendly and wide shoulder strap attached to it. The edgeless feature of the strap makes it stay in place, and it is a lot more comfortable as it does not bite into the skin. The 38 mm quick flip buckle helps in easily adjusting the straps of the bag.

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The Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle is available in different colors such as black, tank green, lime, brick, coral, sky blue, and petrol blue. The bag comes with the well known lifelong warranty from Crumpler. Crumpler offers unique designs in bags. The Crumpler bags are said to be durable. Even in the case of repairs, since they carry a lifelong warranty, they can be repaired or replaced free of cost at Crumpler. The online store offers cash back guarantee for a period of 14 days from the day of purchase.

Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag
Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag

The bag resembles the Hillman Hunter model of bags but is wider and shorter than them. In addition, they are developed from light weight material. The bag comes with a wider storage space. It has a big cargo space in the main compartment that can be closed with the help of a jumbo Velcro sealed flap. The main compartment does not contain any zippers or locks but they are secured with the help of the tough Velcro seal.

Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle
Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle

The Velcro seal is made of fine quality material and so it does not wear off with time. This seal is strong and tough, and it cannot be broken easily. The injection molded fasteners ensure the safety of the articles contained in the bag. They do not give away easily to any hard pick pockets. The Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag has an A4 or iPad sized pocket within it as well. The internal slip pocket can be used for storing phones, iPad or money. Though the bag appears small in size, it is spacious within. It can be used ideally as a book bag or for similar purposes.

The dimensions of the bag is 38 cm in width and 22 cm in height. Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Bag has a depth of 13 cm and has the capacity to contain material of volume 8 L. The bag built from lightweight material has an empty weight of 0.4 kg. The water resistant materials help it withstand the weather conditions, be it storm, rain, sleet or snow. This helps in keeping the contents of the bag dry regardless of the weather condition outside. Furthermore, the classic cut design of this messenger bag makes it very attractive.

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