Photo Sunday : Burmese Kid in the Streets of Yangon

I still cant believe we already left Old Bagan until we finally reached our Hostel in Yangon. We arrived too early and since our rooms are still occupied, we just decided to wait till the sunrise so we can start our map guided walking tour to discover the heart of downtown Yangon.

Burmese Kid in Yangon
Burmese Kid in Yangon

After our short stop in front of Sule Pagoda and the beautiful City Hall, we decided to take a short rest in the hawker area right beside the impressive High Court building. While enjoying a glass of lime infused sugar cane juice, We noticed Luna (Gay Emami’s daughter) approaching a one year old Burmese Boy sitting in a sidewalk right beside her mothers makeshift street shop.

By looking at the picture, I’m sure you noticed that the kid is wearing Tanaka – the white cosmetic covering the kids face. Burmese Kids are normally wearing Tanaka or Thanaka – a traditional cosmetic which is made from tree bark and used as a decorative sunscreen. In Myanmar, I see this paste applied on the faces and sometimes the arms of men, women and kids regardless of gender.

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