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St. Lawrence Market in Toronto

Saint Lawrence Market

After visiting the Old and New City Hall, Chinatown and the Shopping District in Toronto, we headed to Saint Lawrence Market to explore the World’s largest farmers market. As seasoned travelers always say, “Head to the local market to discover the local food, crafts and culture. I truly agree, visiting St. Lawrence Market alone gives me an idea how nice it is to live in Toronto.

St Lawrence Market
Saint Lawrence Market

Aside from being the largest, this 209 year old food market is probably the cleanest and most organized market I’ve seen and If you have a passion for food and craft then you should not miss visiting this place. The market can provide you with all that you are looking for. There is so much to see, taste and discover. Its like a one stop shop for all “pasalubong shopping” and home cooking requirements.

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Food Products in Ontario
Food Products in Ontario

The Buildings:

The St. Lawrence Market houses three main buildings: the North Market, the South Market and the Lawrence Hall. The North Market is a Saturday Farmer’s Market. The producer’s of South Ontario bring their produce to this market. On Sunday, the antique dealers fill the market.

The South Market contain specialty vendors who sell best quality grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, dairy products as well as baked goods. The market is distinct for the products it sells.

Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables

The Lawrence Hall houses retail businesses and city offices. The third floor of the hall contains a Great hall, with ancillary rooms, to conduct weddings and special events.

Freshly Baked Goodies
Freshly Baked Goodies

What to see in the St. Lawrence Market?

The main attractions in the market include the antique market, the Market Gallery and the Market Kitchen. The Antique Market is all vibrant on Sundays with lots of sellers and the buyers of all ages. We were not able to visit the market last Sunday since we headed to the Royal Military College of Canada and Fort Frederick in Kingston but according to rough guide, There are urbanites and designers who rub elbows with savvy collectors and interior design magazine editors during Sundays.

Fruits and Sweets
Fruits and Sweets

The Market Gallery is a historic attraction. The remains of the City Hall which stood in the site from 1845-1899 can be found in the Gallery.

In the Market Kitchen we find the highly skilled chefs with their culinary presentations. Equipped with a state-of-art kitchen it overlooks the market. The dark bamboo flooring, brick walls add on to its space which is filled with light. Watching the chefs who are virtuosos in their own right, one can learn the nuances of cooking special dishes. One can also find out the latest in food movements, crazes and trends.

All about the Market:

The working hours of the market are 8am to 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 5am to 5pm on Saturday. The market remains closed on Sundays and Mondays. Also, the market is not open on statutory holidays.

Pasalubong Shopping in Toronto
Pasalubong Shopping in Toronto

There‘s no need of a worry regarding your car. The market has a wonderful car parking lot located behind the South Market Building. For the first two hours on Saturday’s, Market Shoppers can use parking lot for $2.00.

There are ATM counters both in the North and South Markets. The accepted form of payment varies among the vendors. Some collect cash while many accept credit cards. The market also places a restriction on the entry of pet’s into the market and is in terms with the Public Health Regulations of Toronto.

If you have lost your belongings in the crowd all that you need to do is contact the “Lost and Found” administrative office located in the North Market Building of the St. Lawrence Market. All these features of the market make shopping healthy and worthy.

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