Santelmo Cove: A Mystical Beach in Hamilo Coast

Exploring Santelmo Cove in Hamilo Coast

There are few feelings that are better than that of the sand between your toes, nor are there sounds more relaxing than that of the soft crashing of waves on the shore. A bright and promising morning greeted us when we stayed at the Pico Sands Hotel (hotel info). This might seem like a typical day to most but for us, it was a big surprise as the sky was gloomy and the occasional rainfall kept us indoors during our first day at Hamilo Coast.

In front of Pico de Loro Beach Club
In front of Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club near Pico Sands Hotel

After a great breakfast, we trekked out to the beach club to begin our next activity — the exploration of the private coves along Hamilo Coast. The beauty of Santelmo Cove can be seen as soon as you step foot on their beach. They have the most immaculate beach within Hamilo Coast and probably in the whole of Southern Luzon as well. The crystal-clear water and the powdery white sands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the paradise that is Santelmo Cove.

Relaxing Under the Sun in Santelmo Beach Cove in Nasugbu Batangas
Relaxing Under the Sun in Santelmo Beach Cove in Nasugbu Batangas

When we arrived in Santelmo Cove, we saw fences surrounding the sea turtle nests and acting as protection against nature’s predators. Due to the passing of the MPA ordinance, Santelmo Cove is now a marine sanctuary and a no-take zone. This means that fishing activities of any kind are prohibited and punishable by law.

Secret Beach in Santelmo Cove Hamilo Coast
Secret Beach in Santelmo Hamilo Coast

Aside from its gorgeous sands and water, its a nesting ground for endangered sea turtles or pawikans, specifically the Olive Ridley Turtles. These creatures are the one of the smallest in the world! Taklobos or giant clams are also bred in this area and they act as natural filters.

There are many other environmental programs in Hamilo Coast. They conduct clam seeding and they’ve already seeded more than 175 giant clams at Santelmo Cove and Pico de Loro. The latter organizes an annual Coastal Clean-Up as well so the community is involved in a mangrove reforestation effort.

Rock formations in Santelmo Cove
Rock formations in Santelmo Cove

There is a sense of exclusivity in the area as not everyone can go to the cove at will. Booking is required and you will need to rent their boat with an official tour guide. When you avail of their tour package, you can also borrow cushions and tables to be placed under the beautiful palm trees. The package also includes drinks and lunch.

White Beach in Santelmo Cove
White Beach in Santelmo Cove

The ideal mix of natural attractions and the comfort of a modern resort makes Hamilo Coast the perfect destination for an escape from the busy city life. The best thing is that it’s within an arm’s reach.

For more information on Pico de Loro, visit

Pico Sands Hotel (Online Reservation)
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