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12 Things that Kids Love About Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu Batangas

Pico de Loro Beach in Nasugbu Batangas

12 Things that Kids Love About Hamilo Coast

Kids enjoy being in the city, yet they are immensely thrilled to be on the beach.

Sunset reflections on the Main Beach of Hamilo Coast
Sunset reflections on the Main Beach of Hamilo Coast

And where the comforts of the city are engraved in the sand, Pico de Loro was borne, splendidly wonderful to guarantee kids a fun-filled holiday. 

Here are what the kids actually love about Pico de Loro:

1. The Beaches

Pico de Loro in Hamilo Coast covers 13 coves within its 40-hectare property. Among these, the Main Beach and Santelmo Cove are the most visited by families, and therefore are aquatic playground known to kids.

A girl free and joyful amid the fine white sand of Santelmo Beach
A girl free and joyful amid the fine white sand of Santelmo Beach

The Main Beach offers kids modern comforts in the midst of uninterrupted play on the beach.

So, while they are immersed at swimming in the cool seawater and building sandcastles with the sparkling gray sand, they also have easy access to a clean and complete locker room, restaurant food, water sports and other facilities of the Beach Club.

On the remote coast of Santelmo, kids enter into a kind of freedom and excitement inspired only by unadulterated nature, as seen on this white sandy beach.

Be it swimming with the fishes, forming shapes with the sand or exploring the verdant part of the coast, children’s senses are naturally reawakened and their imagination just keep on going. My four-year old daughter even refers to it as the green beach because of the reflection of its dense greenery in the clear sea.

On rare occasions, children can also watch the eggs of Green Sea Turtles hatch underneath the sand.

Thanks to Pico de Loro’s strict regulations, Santelmo’s pristine white sand, turquoise sea, vibrant marine life and are surrounding wilderness are maintained to give holiday makers an exclusive virgin beach escape for a period of 3 hours.

2. Fresh Fruit Juices at the Sun Coral Café

Naturally sweet carrot and apple juice to prep the kids for a full sunny day on the beach
Naturally sweet carrot and apple juice to prep the kids for a full sunny day on the beach

It’s wonderful how kids easily consume healthy food and drinks in a highly natural environment like at Pico de Loro’s Main Beach. They could gulp down a glass of fresh Carrot and Apple or Cucumber and Mint that are freshly juiced into a glass at the Sun Coral Café in just one sitting. *Sun Coral Restaurant is for Members Only.

3. Club Pico

A colorful place for active kids
A colorful place for active kids

Young children are deeply attracted to colors and moving objects; more than that, they love to play with them. At Club Pico, children 8 and below have loads of fun jumping, rolling, running, drawing and playing with other children in a kid-friendly environment.

4. Breakfast Buffet

With a lovely breakfast buffet setup and breezy ambience at Pico Restaurant and Bar, kids’ appetite are immediately enhanced.

Fruits in the breakfast buffet that kids usually eat.
Fruits in the breakfast buffet that kids usually eat.

It offers a delightful assortment of comfort food and drinks that kids are usually accustomed to at home, such as fresh fruits, fruit juices and milk, hot chocolate, cereals, breads and jams, scrambled eggs and omelettes, longganisa, beef tapa, sausages, rice porridge, and more.

There is also a booth where they can order pancakes and choose from the assortment of sweet toppings and syrups to complement their pancakes.

5. The cushy bed and LCD TV inside Pico Sands Hotel rooms.

When there’s a wide screen TV placed in front of a big soft bed, you can count on the kids to jump into it instantly.

A bed that's utterly inviting for watching TV and cuddling with mom
A bed that’s utterly inviting for watching TV and cuddling with mom

Even as TV inside the kids’ room is not usually the case, kids fall into the luxury of lying on the bed that they’re meant to sleep on and cuddle a pillow while watching their favorite program.

6. The landscaped grounds.

Kids are like Alice in Wonderland at Pico de Loro’s vast landscaped grounds.

How vast is the playground at Pico de Loro...only a wandering child knows.
How vast is the playground at Pico de Loro…only a wandering child knows.

They like to run along ramps and passageways, jump off ledges, walk along the bridge, watch out for nesting ducks, play with the water sprinklers on the grass, and climb trees. All of these they love to do while singing a song or by talking to themselves.

7. The Swimming Pools

Pico de Loro has several swimming pools that kids can bask in wonderfully.

Kiddos feeling the fresh pool water
Kiddos feeling the fresh pool water

There is a multi-level swimming pool with a wading pool at the Country Club, and a children’s pool separate from a big pool, which has kids’ wading pool at the Beach Club.

On the side are outdoor and indoor showers with refreshing rainshower heads that kids are also thrilled about.

8. The Bowling Alley

For an expansive property such as Pico de Loro, you can find just about any activity you could think of, say…Bowling.

Family bowling for fun
Family bowling for fun

Among a host of activities offered at the Country Club, the Bowling Alley is the one where kids get to play with their parents almost at an equal level. Surely, even with a skewed roll of the bowling ball thrown by the younger player can score a strike, as likely as a strong throw from his older counterpart.

The alley comprises of a total of 6 lanes in total, complete with a scoring table for each and dining tables around where you can order and munch your food comfortably.

Aside from the bowling balls, the shoes and socks are also available.

9. The Tennis Court

While most professional tennis players started at the age of 4, you can revel in the fantastic opportunity of introducing your child to a tennis crash course during your holiday at Pico de Loro.

Children below ten are naturally inclined towards hitting balls with a racket, as they find it stimulating and fun at the same time.

Indoor badminton court
Indoor badminton court

The Country Club also houses other racket games like Badminton and Pelota. So you can throw balls with your child or have a Pico de Loro tennis staff throw with your child.

*Balls and rackets are available for rent.

10. Fish Feeding

Kids love feeding fish, as much as seeing them at the water surface on intervals of beach hopping trips, offered by Pico de Loro.

Bread crumbs, satisfied fishes and happy children off the coast of Santelmo
Bread crumbs, satisfied fishes and happy children off the coast of Santelmo

At the coral reefs bordering Santelmo Beach, a variety of colorful fish are eager to gulp down crumbs of bread pitched by kids from the boat.

Kids get excited to see the Clown Fish from the famous animation, Finding Nemo, up close, as well as other marine reef friends like the Parrot Fish, Grouper, and Angel Fish.

11. Thin-Crust Pizza

When kids are occupied with so many activities, they usually prefer to eat finger foods so they can move around, rather than sitting for a long time to eat a heavy rice meal.

Two toppings on one pizza to satisfy kids' diverse tastes
Two toppings on one pizza to satisfy kids’ diverse tastes

That’s why kids love the fact that pizza is served at every restaurant in Pico de Loro. They make kids’ favorite pizza with handmade dough – Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Margherita and 4 Cheeses –fresh out of the oven.

The pizzas are just right for the taste, as well as for the thickness; not too salty and just satisfyingly light for active kids.

12. The Pristine Sand

Kids inherently love the feel of sand on their skin. Even the ones who at first feel strangely about the sand on their skin, eventually enjoy it.

Sand play is constantly engaging
Sand play is constantly engaging

They enjoy walking and sinking into it, writing letters and drawing images on it with their fingertips, molding balls and building sandcastles, digging into it for shells and crablets, and many more ideas for playing with the sand that kids instantly conjure up.

And while Hamilo Coast maintains the sand’s pristine quality, parents are more than confident to let their kids play and run freely on the sand.

Though kids are generally easy to please, they are nevertheless ecstatic to be in Pico de Loro, where the beaches are beautiful and the fun is infinite.

Pico Sands Hotel (Online Reservation)
Address: Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast, Barangay Papaya
Nasugbu, Batangas
Phone:(02) 214 7800

Written by Amanda Virrey

Amanda Virrey is a free-spirit who loves to experience and write about the sweetness of life with her young daughter in places, food, events and people, far and wide, never getting old, but always staying young, fit and happy.

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