Sacrifices of OFW and Families Highlighted in ‘Regalo’ Commercial of Philippine Airlines

Regalo Commerical by Philippine Airlines

PAL celebrates Christmas togetherness with “Regalo”

Manila, Philippines – Anyone who is an OFW or a family of the OFW knows how hard it is for that family to bid farewell. They spend one or two years apart from each other and relying only on video chat or phone calls. OFWs make up a big part of the population of the Philippines. In 2017, there said to be 2.3 OFWs around the world and 11 million if it includes immigrants. This is according to the data by Philippines Statistics Authority.

Regalo Commerical by Philippine Airlines
Regalo Commerical by Philippine Airlines

Many Filipino families celebrate Christmas or birthdays while a family member is away. This is one of the hardest parts of family life especially for parents who aren’t able to see their kids growing. It’s also hard for couples trying to get pregnant but is far from each other.

The OFW, in particular, gets isolated and feels depressed for being alone in a foreign country. They spend many nights thinking about their families. They miss their families and they yearn to be with them. That’s why it’s a magical feeling when finally families are together. Being able to hug each other and spend special occasions together is one of the best parts of each OFW’s family life.

Regalo commercial by PAL
Regalo commercial by PAL

Philippines Airlines brings together Filipino families in their newest “Regalo” commercial. According to Ria Domingo, PAL Vice President for Marketing, the commercial is about the sacrifices of OFWs and their families. She added that this is their way of giving back. She also hopes that they are able to capture the essence of Christmas through this video.

The ‘bagongbayani’ of the Philippines are the OFWs. They are called this way because of their contribution to the Philippine economy. OFWs choose to work abroad because of better opportunities. They do that for their families but there is a price to pay. They must endure years apart and can only talk to each other during day off.

The absence is also the reason why OFWs give their loved ones material things to make up for time. But, the most important thing is the sentiment behind it. It’s important for every OFW family to share the love with each other even when they are apart.

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