PLDT, Smart Is Still The Philippines Fastest Fixed, Mobile Internet Provider Says Ookla

SMART Fastest Mobile Internet Award based on OOKLA Speedtest

PLDT, Smart improve Speed Score in the second half of 2019 according to Ookla

Manila, Philippines — Ookla, the global leader in Internet testing and analysis, said that PLDT along with Smart, its wireless subsidiary, are the Philippines’ fastest fixed and mobile Internet networks.

According to Oookla, the two networks improved their speed score during the second half of last year.

PLDT Fastest Fixed Award based on OOKLA Speedtest
PLDT Fastest Fixed Award based on OOKLA Speedtest

Smart, in particular, recorded an 18.13 Speed Score and it posted average download speeds of 20.42 Mbps. Further, it has an average upload speed of 9.87 Mbps. The numbers are based on 1,822,401 user-initiated tests taken with Speedtest on LTE-capable devices in the country. The period covers the third and fourth quarter of 2019.

SMART Fastest Mobile Internet Award based on OOKLA Speedtest
SMART Fastest Mobile Internet Award based on OOKLA Speedtest

PLDT, in the meantime, notched a Speed Score of 25.03. It recorded 80.07 Mbps top upload speeds and 62.87 top download speeds. These scores are based on 29,505,821 customer-initiated Speedtest across the country for the same abovementioned quarters.

It can be recalled that Smart recorded a 17.07 Speed Score during the first half of last year while PLDT got a 20.44 Speed Score.

For the uninitiated, the Speed Score is a measure that considers both download and upload speeds.


“With millions of tests taken using Speedtest every day, Ookla has developed a robust and comprehensive view of worldwide internet performance,” said the Executive Vice President of Ookla, Jamie Steven. “It is our pleasure to recognize Smart as the Fastest Mobile Network and PLDT as the Fastest Fixed Network in the Philippines based on our rigorous analysis.”

The award, according to Steven, serves as a proof to the exceptional performance of the two networks as experienced by their consumers in the last two quarters of last year.

On top of that, the report from Ookla also revealed that Smart is the leader in terms of the fastest network in key cities in the Philippines, such as Quezon City, Manila, and Makati. PLDT, in the meantime, is ahead in Cebu City, Quezon City, as well as Cagayan de Oro.

It is also worth mentioning that Ooks cited Smart as the best network in terms of its performance during the Philippines’ hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian Games way back December.

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