Party All Night at IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante

After a wonderful dinner at Sidebar Cafe in Ortigas, I went straight to IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante in Makati to meet another set of friends. Oh boy, I’ve discovered a real treat. At first, I thought about keeping it to myself but it’s too good not to share and besides, with this the more people that know about it, the better it gets. Its my first time visiting Il Ponitcello Cafe Restorante, good thing STB invited us to visit this restaurant since its one of the REV&RAVE Bar partners of the 2010  Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix.

IL Pontecello Cafe Restorante
IL Pontecello Cafe Restorante

A lot of times, those of us who write about travel make a great discovery and we are faced with asking ourselves if we should share it or keep it for ourselves. It’s a difficult question because you can ruin a place by making it too popular, but you want to let people know about it. IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante is in no danger of getting ruined by more people though. In fact, it’s best when the place is jampacked.

IL Pontecello Oil Based Seafood Pasta
Oil Based Seafood Pasta

I promised my self that “Its Going To Get Loud” tonight coz I hardly get a chance to really go out with friends. I know, you might be asking yourself “What?” “Why is he going to a restaurant?” The truth is that IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante is much more than a restaurant. It’s one of the most happening clubs around, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the 18-25 year old crowd starts coming in at about 10:30 pm. By midnight the place is packed and the music is rolling.

IL Ponticello Cafe Restorante
IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante

IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante is actually a restaurant too. It specializes in Italian food such as the Oil Based Seafood Pasta which has mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp, and comes with ciabatta. It’s a little pricey though at 580. I’m not crazy about the fancy Italian stuff here, but I like the 4 cheese pizza. It’s a crunchy thin crust pizza with four kinds of creamy cheese. More affordable at 340 for a 6 inch pizza. Overall, my recommendation is to eat before you go and then focus on the contemporary music and awesome ambiance. Overall I give IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante three thumbs up for ambiance, two thumbs up for the pizza, one thumb up for the pasta, and four thumbs up for the loads of cute girls on the dance floor.

After visiting this resto bar, I can say that my nightlife groove on that night and I can tell you for sure that there isn’t anyplace else I’m going to be on any Saturdays in the foreseeable future. IL Ponticello Cafe Ristorante is located at the second level of the Antel 2000 Building in Valero Street at Salcedo Village in Makati.

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