While you are in Ilocos Norte, don’t miss seeing one of the most iconic views in the province. Near Burgos Town is one of the most beautiful parolas in the Philippine Islands. The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse has been bringing vessels to safety since it was completed in 1890. In a country that is made up of more than 7000 islands, you will see plenty of lighthouses but the one in Burgos is exceptional.

philippines beautiful lighthouse
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

There are thousands of travelers who make special trips around the world to see lighthouses and when they come to the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, they are never disappointed.

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never ending stairs
Never Ending Stairs:)

First of all, there is the stunning view from the cape. Looking out to sea here, you can understand why it was important to have a lighthouse in this spot. The rocky shoreline of the South China Sea is gorgeous and you can just tell that it is treacherous, especially for wood ships and boats.

view from the lighthouse
View from the lighthouse

The lighthouse itself is of stone and coral construction with a delicate railing around the signal light itself. This combination of delicate and solid makes a stunning contrast as you look up at the lighthouse.

entrance to the lighthouse
Entrance to the Lighthouse

You will look up at it too, since it is the highest lighthouse in the Philippines. It sits atop a hill called Vigia de Nagparitan near the town of Burgos.

The lighthouse keeper may advise you not to go inside because of the aging condition of the structure, but I suggest you thank him and then go in. The architectural stylings inside are as beautiful as those outside and you won’t find views like those from the light itself in many places. The iron grillwork is especially impressive and if you have an artistic eye, you might be able to get some photos that will truly capture this place forever.



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