Overnight at the Beautiful Encenada Beach Resort in Puerto Galera

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We’ve all imagined ourselves having the perfect evening in a romantic place. The lighting, the music, and of course the company. For me, there are many places that could fit the bill, a romantic evening in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, a cold night in fur coats with icy vodka and caviar in St. Petersburg, or on a much more enjoyable and temperature friendly note, a night at the beautiful Encenada Beach Resort in Puerto Galera.

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Encenada Beach Resort in Puerto Galera

In terms of world class luxury and spending tens of thousands of dollars, the difference is that you won’t be doing that at the Encenada Beach Resort but you probably would at a fancy hotel in Paris or Russia. Also, you don’t really have to worry about the weather in Puerto Galera and, well, let me be honest. I think there isn’t much more romantic than a tropical escape along with a tropical escapade.

A Quiet Resort in Puerto Galera
A Quiet Resort in Puerto Galera

The incredible white sand surrounding the resort is just one thing that comes to mind when I imagine the passionate kisses and moonlight along with the gentle sound of the wind in the palm trees and the waves breaking easily on those sands.

Puerto Galera Beach
Puerto Galera Beach

Of course the snorkeling, the lack of tourists, and the sense of perfect isolation are other things I love about the Encenada Beach Resort too. The fact that the resort sits in a quiet place with no aggressive shell salesmen or motorcycle touts hounding you to buy something is a big plus too.

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Sunset in Puerto Galera
Sunset in Puerto Galera

What I really love is the sense of actually being home when I am there. It’s the way that it used to feel in places like Bohol or Boracay back when there weren’t massive chains of tourist hotels and big foreign tourists looking for little brown girlfriends everywhere you looked. No offense to those who have found love, but sometimes, you know it’s just a bit much. I know that lots of locals like older guys for a variety of reasons, but sometimes you just don’t want to see it.

In the resort, you will love their incredible veranda restaurant with home cooked local style meals but served in a way that makes it feel like something far more luxurious. I hesitate to even write about this place as I don’t want it to be ruined by tourist companies and foreign tourists flocking to it, but really, it feels like this place is protected by something.

The rooms and nipa huts aren’t the height of luxury and maybe that is what keeps this place safe. As soon as they start adding in boutique bathrooms, you can be sure the place will be ruined with crowds. Frankly, I hope that never happens.