Is iPad 2 a Good Travel Gadget?

While roaming around famous electronic shops here in Singapore, I realized that it seems like everything Apple touches turns into gold. Although they have frequently been criticized for withholding certain features on their products only to release a new version the very next year, almost every one of their products is head and shoulders above the competition.

Apple iPad as a Travel Gadget
Apple iPad as a Travel Gadget

Their latest contribution to the electronics market is their fully updated iPad 2. This little gadget is the successor to the wildly popular iPad tablet and has already proven to be a hot item in the few weeks it has been released to the public. Critics have already been raving about the things it can do but one of the biggest questions is whether or not the iPad 2 is a good travel gadget. Here are some of the features of the iPad 2 that can help you to decide whether or not it fits in the category of good travel gadgets.

The first thing that manufacturers changed on the iPad 2 is the actual body. Apple actually shaved off almost 2 tenths of a pound on this device so that it is even lighter to carry around. Add to that fact that the gadget is also about 2/3 thinner than the original iPad, and you have a sleek, sexy machine that can easily be brought with you anywhere.

iPad 2 New Model
iPad 2 New Model

Because this device has become lighter and thinner, it is much easier to take it around with you as a travel gadget when you go on trips. It won’t take up hardly any room in your bags and is much smaller and easier to handle than a laptop. Judging from the body improvements alone, this little machine could definitely count as one of the top travel gadgets out there.

The next improvement that the iPad brings to the table is that it is even faster than the first one. It is much zippier than the previous model so you won’t have to worry about lag or poor frame rates if you decide to watch a movie or a tv show while on the go. Not only that, the iPad 2 is geared around gaming, which is a favorite for travelers to indulge in.

The graphic are incredibly impressive and the supply of available games is off the charts. For a travel gadget, it pretty much has everything you would need to keep you busy and entertained during your transports. Look into getting an iPad 2 the next time you are looking for superior travel gadgets.

  1. FaxLogic says

    Great overview of traveling with an iPad! One thing to mention is that “3G/4G” iPads purchased in the US either won’t work internationally (i.e. incompatible wireless technology) or if they do, international data rates can rack up in a hurry. But, the WiFi version works anywhere there’s WiFi, like hotels and “Internet Cafes”.

    We have several customers that use their iPads to send and receive faxes while traveling. A “Personal 500” plan with a permanent, dedicated US-based local or toll-free phone number, costs only $5.95 per month, and allows easy paperless faxing with any Internet-connected device, like the iPad.

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