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It is often said there are three types of people when it comes to holidays: the lazy, the insane and the family nurturers. The ‘lazy’ component of holiday-goers often are perceived to enjoy eating, drinking and sleeping for however long they’ve planned to ‘get away from it all’ by shrewdly casting themselves under a broad range of categories and titles that flatter to deceive, including discerning wine connoisseurs, serial restaurant dwellers, and sparkly-eyed sight-seers.

French Vineyard
French Vineyard

For this type of holidaymaker, the French Alps is a stunningly sensual paradise. Scattered liberally around this region are a delectable assortment of Savoie Vineyards, which provide for those wine-swilling fanatics a perfect opportunity to taste some of the best wine that France. Perhaps the most prolific town lying near the Alps with regards to a winery is the town of Chambéry, which boasts a range of picturesque vineyards for the wine buffs among us to explore.

Meanwhile, the food fanatics among us will salivate at the sheer range of delicacies available around the Alps, with meticulously prepared, high-end French cuisine catering for the even the most judicious of diners. With a broad array of choices occupying a wide spectrum of price ranges, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.

Mont Blanc Adventures
Mont Blanc Adventures

The aforementioned ‘sparkly-eyed sight-seers’ of the holidaying demographic will be equally appeased. The picturesque snowy peaks, vineyards, and vistas will leave them gazing for hours at a winter wonderland of snowy scintillation. Including the awe-inspiring 15,782 foot tall Mont Blanc, this astounding mountain range is one of the most impressive sights in the world.

The ‘insane’ holiday-goers are the ones who seek a high-octane adrenaline rush and are prepared to risk life and limb in the pursuit of this goal. With over 200 ski resorts to choose from, skiers and snowboarders alike will have a plethora of blistering black runs to defy death on. Meanwhile, mountain bikers and climbers alike have an expansive playground in which they may scale the heady heights of Mont Blanc and co.

The family nurturers may contently stay in one of the traditional chalets or in one of the high-altitude purpose-built resorts, with condos and apartments ideally placed for easy access to the lifts and slopes. A relaxed atmosphere pervades in the child-friendly restaurants and there are ski schools, clubs, and crèches offering great facilities and activities to suit children of all ages.

Knowing that the kids are safe and happy the parents can pursue their own aspirations to conquer the white stuff or join in the fun with sleigh rides and tobogganing. So for whatever type of holidaymaker you are, the French Alps will not disappoint.

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