Outback Australia: The Australian desert

Outback Australia is one of the most remote parts of this magnificent country, but not always considered a tourist spot or holiday destination when compared to the other major attractions such as the Gold Coast or Sydney. Due to my love of nature, the great outdoors, and seeing the ‘real’ side to foreign countries I decided to embark on a great adventure to this “supposed” remote area.

Fitzgerald River National Park
Fitzgerald River National Park (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

For an authentic outback Australia experience I thought sleeping in a tent would be the most cost effective and flexible option, allowing me to see the most of the magnificent outdoors. . However, after the first night I quickly changed my plans due to the large number of dangerous creatures including bats, snakes and crocodiles who were all in the close vicinity of my tent. For the rest of my 10 day excursion I chose to stay in hostels, which were sometimes hard to find, but always clean and comfortable. The air-conditioning at night certainly made it a lot easier to get a good night’s sleep, with temperatures often above 75 degrees at night.


View across sand plains and salt pans to Mount Connor, Central Australia
View across sand plains and salt pans to Mount Connor, Central Australia (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

One thing that surprised me about the hostels and bars in outback Australia was the laid back attitude to gambling. It’s well-known that Australian’s like to bet, but even in this remote region in bars with just a few people, there were numerous pokie machines, which I had only previously experienced in large Australian casinos or online at sites such as Pokies Heaven.

One of the most spectacular destinations on my adventure was the Alice Springs Desert Park. Despite the hostile environment, there were lots of animals and reptiles to see at this ancient landscape, which features Aboriginal guides providing a wealth of historical information.

Even in the outback of Australia I was able to get reception on my mobile, enabling me to play mobile pokies which is a nice hobby I’ve discovered since my travels to this great nation.

Those who think there is nothing to see or do in outback Australia and gravely mistaken, and I would recommend this as an essential part of any visit to this wonderful country.

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