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How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

Australian Visa Guidelines and Requirements

How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos photo via Depositphotos

Comprehensive Guide in Applying for Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

There’s just so much to love about Australia — its pristine beaches, scenic natural landscapes, amazing wildlife — which makes it one of the top countries most tourists would want to visit someday. Also called “The Land Down Under,” the world’s smallest country still proves to be a destination worth visiting despite its isolation from other countries.

If you are a Filipino who would like to visit Australia as a tourist, read more to know how to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa.

How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos photo via Depositphotos
How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos photo via Depositphotos

Who can Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa?

You may apply for an Australian Tourist Visa for various reasons such as for study, work, permanent residence, tourism or leisure purposes, humanitarian reasons, and more. You may also explore your visa options through this link to see more options available to you.

If you’re applying to enter Australia as a tourist, you should apply for a Visitor Visa (subclass 600). The Tourist Stream is for those who want to visit for a holiday, meet relatives or friends, or short-term non-work or business purposes, including study for less than 3 months.

What are the 2 Kinds of Tourist Stream?

There are two kinds of Tourist Stream that you should know when applying for a tourist visa. One is Apply in Australia, the other is Apply Outside Australia.

Tourist Stream (Apply in Australia)

This visa is for those who hold another expiring visa and want to stay longer. This stream allows you to visit Australia as a tourist, to see relatives or friends, or for purposes that are non-business or medical-related. Interested applicants shall already be in Australia when applying. Permitted stay is up to 12 months, and the cost is AUD 365.

Tourist Stream (Apply Outside Australia)

This visa is for those people who are outside Australia at the time of application. The visa allows you to visit family or friends or go on a cruise. The permitted stay is 3, 6, or 12 months, and the cost is AUD 145.

If you’re still unsure of the visa you want to apply for, take this helpful test to know your visa options when visiting Australia.

Requirements for an Australian Tourist Visa

If you’re planning to visit Australia for leisure, make sure to prepare the following requirements:

Passport and accurate identity documents

  • A certified copy of the passport data page and pages that show proof of travel to other countries.
  • Proof of payment of the Visa Application Charge
  • Duly accomplished application form 1419
  • Passport-size photos (must be colored, not more than six months old, and in good quality)
  • Accomplished Form 1257 (undertaking declaration for applicants below 18 years old) if applicable
  • Accomplished Form 1229 (Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child below 18 years old staying in Australia traveling alone, with a legal guardian, or without one parent or both)

Genuine visitor documents

  • Itemized personal bank statement (for three months)
  • Payslip
  • Audited accounts, tax records, term deposits
  • Credit card statements
  • Invitation letter from relative or friend in Australia states their relationship to you, the purpose of visit, duration of stay if you’ll be staying with them, and proof of their funds.
  • Your plans during your trip
  • Proof of return such as a letter from employer, study in your home country, immediate family members, documents that prove you’ll return home, or proof of major assets in your home country.

Requirements for Applicants under 18

  • Copy of birth certificate that shows the names of both parents
  • If someone has legal guardianship of the minor, proof of guardianship is needed.

Additional requirements may be required by the Embassy as they see fit. Travel restrictions are still currently in place in Australia. Leisure travel is still not allowed as of June 2021. Learn more about their COVID-19 restrictions here.

How to Submit Australian Tourist Visa application

Via Online

  • Sign up for an ImmiAccount.
  • Attach the necessary documents needed for the visa application.
  • Note: Identity documents should be up to 500 KB each. Other documents can be at 5 MB. Encrypted .pdf files are not accepted.
  • Pay for your online application.

Note: Family applications must be submitted altogether.

Via paper

  • Fill out an Application for a Visitor Visa – Tourist Stream Form 1419.
  • Pay for your application.
  • Australia has a Service Delivery Partner (SDP) with VFS Global to provide visa assistance and services through Australian Visa Application Centres (AVAC).

Visa Payment Options

Applications will not be considered valid until payment has been made. It is advisable to pay online; however, payments shall be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Via ImmiAccount

  • Sign up for an ImmiAccount.
  • Select MyPayments.
  • Click Manage Payments.
  • Click Pre-pay Service.

Via credit card

The following credit cards are accepted:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • Prepaid credit cards charged the same rate with the card issuer.

Note: A single credit card shall be used for an application. The application fee must be paid in one transaction.

Via debit card

Make sure to input the cardholder’s address. An authentication code or verification link may also be sent to your registered contact number to authorize the transaction. Using another’s card is accepted as long as you can contact them to get the authentication code.

  • Via PayPal (with 1.01% surcharge)
  • Via UnionPay (with 1.90% surcharge)
  • Via BPAY
  • You may view other payment options here.

Australian Visa Conditions

Several conditions shall be applied to your visa. Failure to abide by it might result in penalties and visa cancellation. See below:

  • Visa 8101: Applicants must not work in Australia.
  • Visa 8201: Applicants must not study in Australia for more than three (3) months. For those who need to stay in Australia for more than 3 months, apply for a Student Visa instead.
  • Visa 8602: Applicants should not have an outstanding public health debt.
  • Visa 8503: Applicants should not have further stay and will not, after entering Australia, be granted another visa while the holder is in Australia.
  • Visa 8531: Applicants must not stay in Australia after the visa expires.
  • Visa 8558: Applicants must not spend more than 12 months in Australia in an 18-month period.

Visa Fees

LocationVisa subclassBase application charge*
In AustraliaThe visitor (subclass 600) – Tourist Stream onlyAUD 365
Outside AustraliaThe visitor (subclass 600) – all streams excluding Frequent Traveler streamAUD 145


Note: If paying for visa application charges, a surcharge may be applied.

*Prices may change without prior notice.

Australian Visa Processing Time

Applying in Australia takes 5 months to process 75% of all applications and 9 months for 90% of all applications. Those who apply outside Australia may take much longer since they are currently prioritizing those travelers who are exempted from travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

Releasing of Visa

The Australian Government will write to you to let you know of the outcome of your visa application. They will inform you of the visa grant number, visa conditions, and visa conditions. Make sure to keep a copy of the decision when you arrive in Australia.

If your visa has been refused, they will also let you know of the reason, and you have the right to review the decision.

Tips and Guides

  • Make an online application for more streamlined processing of your visa application. If possible, pay via your ImmiAccount to avoid the hassle.
  • When submitting your application, do not send your passport with it. Provide a certified copy of your passport data page.
  • Each applicant must accomplish one form each. Make sure to answer the questions accurately to avoid having your visa denied or canceled.
  • Make sure to have sufficient money to prove that you can cover your travel expenses when in Australia. This may also factor in your visa application eligibility, so you need to prepare and note your expenses in advance.
  • Fraudulent documents or incorrect information might subject your visa to be canceled. Be sure to only submit authentic documents.
  • Make sure to get your Reference Number when paying the application fee to ensure that the transaction has been made successfully.
  • Read on the Travel Restrictions on their website regularly. You should not apply for a visa or confirm travel arrangements until you have confirmed that Australia has reopened its borders for tourism purposes.
  • You must meet their health and character requirements before you are granted a visa.
  • When granted a visa, make sure to obey their rules and regulations, especially those conditions attached to your visa.

Traveling During COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian borders are currently closed, except those under EXEMPT categories. See below for those who are automatically exempt from the travel restrictions:

  • Australian citizens;
  • Permanent residents of Australia;
  • An immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • New Zealand citizen residing in Australia;
  • A person transiting Australia for 72 hours or less;
  • And other exemptions found here.

Other Useful Information

Are you planning to visit Australia soon as they reopen borders for tourists? Which tourist destination in the Land Down Under would you like to visit someday? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

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