Travel Gears: Maz Brasil’s vibrant handmade sneakers from Brazil

Wearing Maz Brasil Shoes in Hong Kong

Maz Brasil Sneakers Review

Traveling light has always been my mantra as a traveler. It’s hard to enjoy any sort of travel when you are traveling around with a weight on your back, an uncomfortably fitting shirt, or classy shoes that just don’t feel right. I always travel simple.

Whenever we say “travel simple” or travel comfortably, however, most people think we have to sacrifice style. That is not always the case, especially with Maz Brasil, a Brazilian brand of handmade sneakers that I wished I discovered sooner.

Maz Brasil Review
Maz Brasil Shoes in Anilao Batangas

Light and comfy, but not without style

The fact that Maz Brasil shoes are 100% handmade in Brazil make them fit my feet as if they were custom-made. This makes it so easy to move around and keep walking, running, hiking, or whatever it is that you are doing!

The lightweight (just 200 grams!) and snug fit is my most favorite thing about the Maz Brasil shoes that I bought for myself. The soles are perfectly soft, and the middle portions of my feet are supported very well. It feels like I am not wearing anything at all.

Walking Tour is more fun with Maz Brasil
Walking Tour is more fun with Maz Brasil

In addition to this, these sneakers are machine washable and can be tossed into the dryer for 10-15 minutes to clean them up. They are also foldable so they fit bags easily, and since they’re so light, hand-carrying them in a bag isn’t such an ordeal. They’re the ultimate sneakers for travelers who are always on the go. That is how amazing these shoes are.

Unique design

My first pair (which will be followed by a second or third pair, because I am planning to buy myself some more, very soon!) of Maz Brasil shoes are called Amazon White. This design caught my eye because it has a very classic look to it.

Maz Brasil Sneakers Review
Maz Brasil Sneakers Review

I found the colors white, maroon, and dark blue of my sneakers very easy to mix and match with my usual shirt-and-shorts getup not just for traveling, but for my day to day life as well. It looks very simple, but it so much better than the usual black-and-red monochrome colors of other shoe brands that I used to wear.

Maz Brasil has a very comprehensive collection of shoes, and they are categorized into collections: classic (where I found my first pair), cool, fresh, and glamour. Cool and fresh have a bright color palette, like red, orange, and even neon colors. Glamour currently has only one design, and it’s golden, literally. You will be amazed at how creative this brand could go when it comes to colors.

Maz Brasil in Old Hong Kong Ocean Park
Maz Brasil Review – in Old Hong Kong Ocean Park

It’s like they have a pair of shoes for every kind of mood or adventure, be it for jogging, hiking, or simply going to a mall. If you are a fashionista, you will be amazed at the wide color range. Say goodbye to your #OOTD problems.

Wearing Maz Brasil Shoes in Hong Kong
Wearing Maz Brasil Shoes in Hong Kong

Where to buy

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You may browse Maz Brasil’s online catalog at They ship to the Philippines, and the price range of their shoes is rather affordable. They also have a Facebook page ( and Instagram (@mazbrasilphilippines) for further inquiries.

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