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Top 12 Best Things to do in Darwin, Australia

What are the top attractions to visit in Darwin?

Things to do in Darwin, Australia photo via Pixabay

Bucket List: Top 12 Best Things to See and Do in Darwin, Australia

Australia is home to some of the world’s most relaxing destinations to visit where you can feel warm and closer to nature. One of those destinations is no other than the beautiful city of Darwin. This large city is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, where you can find some of the continent’s best pristine beaches. Apart from that, the city also has a warm and pleasant climate that’s perfect for everyone who wants to explore Darwin’s tropical paradise. That being said, it’s already safe to say that Darwin, Australia is a haven for all beach lovers!

Things to do in Darwin, Australia photo via Pixabay
Things to do in Darwin, Australia photo via Pixabay

Aside from the stunning beach sceneries of Darwin, the city also boasts of its rich culture and history. Every bit of the city is surrounded by the beautiful background of the seas. Hence, the perfect thing to do is, have a gastronomic adventure featuring multicultural food at the table, right? Well, good for you because Darwin definitely has a lot of delicious food options around the city. There are also huge outdoor markets where you can score great deals on fresh produce, especially seafood! Combine everything I just said, and I guarantee that you’ll also feel the supreme holiday vibe that Darwin gives off to everyone.

Ah, it seems really nice to live here in Darwin, right? Well, whether you’re planning to visit this beautiful city or thinking of living here, let me offer my help as I introduce to you the 12 Best Things to do in Darwin, Australia!

Visit the Famous Mindil Beach

Mindil Beach by Bidgee via Wikimedia cc
Mindil Beach by Bidgee via Wikimedia cc

First up, there’s no better way to start our tour than visiting the famous getaway destination of Darwin, which is Mindil Beach. This world-class beach destination features white sands and turquoise waters along with its mesmerizing sunset. In fact, locals hold an event called the Mindil Beach Sunset Market to invite tourists to watch the magnificent view of the setting sun while shopping for some great deals from all the stalls.

Apart from these attractions, Mindil Beach is also near the central business district of Darwin, so gaining access to some of the city’s best hotels, resorts, and casinos will certainly be easy.

Meet Crocodiles Up Close at the Crocosaurus Cove

Crocosaurus Cove Darwin photo via FB Page
Crocosaurus Cove Darwin photo via FB Page

Another tourist destination that many people, especially kids, will surely love is the Crocosaurus Cove. It is a wildlife sanctuary where visitors can enjoy up-close wildlife exhibits with different reptiles, turtles, and saltwater crocodiles in a viewing cage. Suppose you really want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In that case, I suggest that you try the Cage of Death, where swimmers have the opportunity to get really close with the saltwater crocodiles in a controlled environment. Best of luck!

Wander Around Darwin Botanical Gardens

Rainforest gully in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens by Kathryn Greenhill via Wikimedia cc
Rainforest gully in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens By Kathryn Greenhill – originally posted to Flickr as Darwin Botanic Gardens, CC BY-SA 2.0, cc

Situated at about two (2) kilometers away from the center of Darwin is another tourist destination that allows visitors to become closer to nature. The George Brown Darwin Botanical Gardens covers 42 hectares, housing several Australian and tropical plants species. The Visitor and Event Centre is the perfect place to start your tour because aside from admiring their beauty, you can also have the chance to learn more about plants, seasons, and territory history.

Discover the Magnetic Termite Mounds!

Litchfield National Park-Termite mounds by W. Bulach via Wikipedia cc
Litchfield National Park-Termite mounds by W. Bulach via Wikipedia cc

Next up, the famous Magnetic Termite Mounds are also a must-see for everyone visiting Darwin. You can see some of these old and gigantic structures in Litchfield National Park, located about 120 kilometers from the city. Some of these massive Magnetic Termite Mounds stand at the height of 2 meters! And also, some of them are believed to be more than 100 years old. Intriguing, right? Well, If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the chance to witness them!

Have a Blast at the Darwin Ski Club

Darwin Ski Club NTWSA photo via Facebook Page
Darwin Ski Club NTWSA photo via Facebook Page

Darwin Ski Club is one of the city’s all-time favorite family bonding destinations. Established in 1964, the club has a strong reputation of being the best place to try some fun and exciting water sports activities. Moreover, the club also has several scenic spots where you can have a great dinner with family and friends as you all marvel at the breathtaking sight of Darwin’s skyline and pristine beaches.

Have a Relaxing Bath at Douglas Hot Springs

Another place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature is no other than the Douglas Hot Springs. If you want to escape the city for a while, this is the perfect place for you and your family or friends. The best attractions in the park are the natural thermal springs and the abundant wildlife that you’ll encounter along the river. Don’t worry, though, because it is guaranteed safe, and you will likely meet other tourists camping on site as well!

Go Shopping at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets!

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets photo via FB Page
Mindil Beach Sunset Markets photo via FB Page

Ah, of course. We mentioned Mindil Beach at the beginning of this article, and it would be really nice if you also get to experience shopping at the famous Mindil Beach Sunset Markets! Trust me, you will fall in love with the mesmerizing sunset at this beach, but I also know for sure that you’ll love shopping around the night market! The fantastic combination of food, art, and culture is really admirable in this place so feel free to enjoy all the musicians, performers, vendors selling arts and crafts, and of course, the exceptional taste of all the foods available here at Mindil Beach Sunset Market!

Fall in Love with the Picturesque Tiwi Islands

Traditional burial poles, Tiwi Islands by Tourism NT via Wikipedia cc
Traditional burial poles, Tiwi Islands By Tourism NT (with the link where possible), Attribution, cc

Yes, certainly one of the best island destinations in Australia and the whole world is the Tiwi Islands. This tropical paradise features pristine white sand beaches, crystalline waters, and lush forests. The two (2) main islands of Tiwi are Melville and Bathurst. The territory is widely inhabited by the Australian ethnic group of Tiwi. They are native tribes who are friendly and easy to interact with! They even have official teams for Cricket and Australian Rules Football. How about that?

Explore the Mary River National Park

This breathtaking national park features a mesmerizing perspective of how rich and abundant the wilderness in Australia truly is. I’m talking about the famous Mary River National Park. Featuring countless easy walks that are perfect for beginner hikers, mesmerizing cascades, and sparkling beaches, Mary River is a popular destination full of campsites. So if you want to truly experience nature more up-close, then you already know where to go here in Darwin.

Check Out the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Ah, yes! You also shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the famous (MAGNT), or the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory houses some of the region’s prized artifacts and art collections that are a must-see for travelers and tourists. It is the perfect destination if you want to learn more about the rich culture and history of the Northern Territory of Australia.

Try the Famous Wave Lagoon!

Are you in for a fun and exciting experience? Then let me take you to the iconic Wave Lagoon of Darwin! Covering a vast area of 4 hectares, be prepared to take on gigantic waves that sometimes even reach up to 1.2 meters high! That’s right! Well, don’t worry because it is also child-friendly given that you’re always supervising your little ones in the pool. The Wave Lagoon features ten (10) different wave patterns, and some of them only produce gentle swells, so enjoy at your own risk!

Have the Time of your Life in the Darwin Casino

Finally, we’re back to where we began. That’s right! We’re here again at the famous Mindil Beach, but we’re not going swimming this time! We’re gonna have the time of our lives at the Darwin Casino. Owned by the Delaware North since 1983, this is the only casino you’ll find in Darwin. From huge playing booths, premium bars, accommodation rooms, and buffets, expect to enjoy all day and night at the Mindil Beach Casino and Resort!

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