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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Bendigo, Australia

What is Bendigo well known for?

Bendigo Cathedral by Larry Ellis via Wikipedia CC

Bendigo Bucket List: 10 Best Places to in Bendigo, Australia

The historical town of Bendigo is known for its ancient potteries date back to the 1850s. Also known as the Ceramic Center of Victoria, Bendigo is also famous for its deep history and picturesque gardens.  Apart from its pottery, there are a lot of best things to do in Bendigo (Australia) from arts and culture to rich wine tasting.

To add up to your list, here are the 10 best things to do in Bendigo (Australia).

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Central Deborah Gold Mine by Sheba Also via Wikipedia CC
Central Deborah Gold Mine By Sheba_Also 43,000 photos , CC BY-SA 2.0, CC

Worth the trip for those who like history and adventure, the Central Deborah Gold Mine is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bendigo. Showcasing the town’s golden heritage, the museum tour features the history of one of the richest gold mines in the world. They offer a 60-meter underground mine tour of the 412 meters depth gold mine.

Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery by Richard Horvath via Wikipedia CC
Bendigo Art Gallery By Richard Horvath, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Offering free art exhibitions to the public, the Bendigo Art Gallery is surely not to be missed for art enthusiast’s travelers. Established in 1887, the gallery is one of the largest and oldest regional art galleries in Australia, exhibiting oil paintings, garden sculptures, and special exhibitions such as the Mary Quant exhibition.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Bendigo Cathedral by Larry Ellis via Wikipedia CC
Bendigo Cathedral By Larry.Ellis – Bendigo Cathedral, CC BY-SA 2.0, CC

When traveling to Bendigo, make it a must to visit the spectacular Sacred Heart Cathedral in Victoria. It is a Gothic roman catholic church that was built in the year 1895. The cathedral is also one of the largest and third tallest churches in whole Australia.

Golden Dragon Museum

Gate to the Golden Dragon Museum Bendigo by raider of gin via Wikipedia CC
Gate to the Golden Dragon Museum Bendigo by raider of gin via Wikipedia CC

To learn more about the town’s history and diverse culture, head to the Golden Dragon Museum. Located at the historical site of Bendigo’s Chinatowns, the museum was established to showcase the history and culture of Chinese Australians most especially in the region. Some of the museum collection includes a jade chariot, Qin Dynasty era coin, and wax Chinese figures.

Bendigo Tramways

Bendigo Tramways Birney tram 30 passing the Beehive Building by nzstream via Wikipedia CC
Bendigo Tramways Birney tram 30 passing the Beehive Building By nzsteam , CC BY 2.0, CC

Bendigo Tramways offers a fun way to explore and learn about Bendigo’s history. The trams were restored from the early to mid-20th century, and are a must experience for travelers visiting the town. Feel like traveling back in time, as you tour the city in an old-fashioned way with their tours such as the Vintage Talking Tour.

Lake Weeroona

Boardwalk at Lake Weeroona, Bendigo by Alpha via Flickr CC
Boardwalk at Lake Weeroona, Bendigo by Alpha via Flickr CC

A good place to meet the locals and do people-watching, the Lake Weeroona is a man-made lake located in the city of Bendigo. Set on 18 hectares of land, the Lake Weeroona was a former mine, transformed as a lake by the then Mayor of Bendigo, Mayor Duggall McDougall.

Wine Bank on View

Wine Bank on View
Wine Bank on View

For an intimate dining experience and local wine tasting, visit the Wine Bank on View located at Central Bendigo. The wine bar sells a good selection of local wines and delicious food at a refurbished heritage building. Dine-in alfresco to taste Bendigo’s local wine, and matched it with a Charcuterie Board.

Bendigo Botanic Gardens

Bendigo Botanic Gardens by Mattinbgn via Wikipedia CC
Bendigo Botanic Gardens By Mattinbgn (talk · contribs) – Own work, CC BY 3.0,  CC

If you are looking for a nice and quiet place to unwind, the Bendigo Botanic Gardens will surely relax your senses. Formerly named the White Hills Botanical Garden, the garden was established in 1857 and is one of the earliest botanical gardens in Victoria. The garden features a variety of vegetation, lake, bird aviary, BBQ, and outdoor lounging area.

Rosalind Park

Bendigo Law Courts from Rosalind Park by Frances76 via Wikipedia CC
Bendigo Law Courts from Rosalind Park by By Wikipedia CC

Another recommended place to visit in Bendigo, Rosalind Park is a landmark in the city’s center. It is a perfect place to stroll, have a picnic, or get acquainted with the locals. The park features a children’s park, viewing tower, flower gardens, quirky arts, and seasonal light show known as the “Awaken- Bendigo brought to Life”.

Bendigo Pottery


A perfect place for family trips, the Bendigo Pottery offers an interesting and unique experience and is one of the town’s treasures. The museum showcases the history and informative ways to learn about pottery. Established in 1858, the museum features an early pottery collection of Bendigo, historic production equipment, and a Theatrette inside a refurbished wood fire kiln.


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