Nice and Cozy at White Beach Resort in Puerto Galera

When you find yourself going back to a certain person or object to fuel your interest, it most likely means that you will reciprocate the same. That’s what happened when I came upon the friendly lady manning the White Beach Resort Puerto Galera booth at the Batangas Pier during my impromptu visit to Puerto Galera.

A sunny day on White Beach Resort
A sunny day on White Beach Resort

I did not know much about this famous beach in Oriental Mindoro, so I approached the White Beach Resort booth for information, while the lady tried to sell me their room at 1,200 php instead of their published rate of 1,500 php.

I declined her kind offer as I was thinking of finding a nice room there at White Beach itself once we arrived. Yet, as more questions popped in my mind, the more I returned to that lady for more assistance.

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Beach view restaurant of White Beach Resort
Beach view restaurant of White Beach Resort

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When the time came for us to exit the gate and go to the boat, I went back to the White Beach Resort lady and asked if she could give me the room at a lower price. She eventually agreed and our accommodation became finally secured.

Soon after, we were on a big pump boat crossing the channel from Batangas to the Northwestern side of Oriental Mindoro in the midst of a dynamic seascape of islands changing from bustling coasts to a sinewy island lushly coated with tropical bounties, subdued by the dimming sunset sky.

Laid back Puerto Galera White Beach
Laid back Puerto Galera White Beach

A couple of hours later we were at Muelle port in Puerto Galera hailing a tricycle that would take us to the famous White Beach.

Relieved about a room being ready for us on White Beach, we traversed along the darkened road until a brightly lit road opened for us, signifying that we were already at our destination.

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The tricycle driver took us to White Beach Lodge, assuming that it was the same as White Beach Resort. Though by mistake, we got to walk a bit more than a hundred meters along the beach, passing a White Beach Hotel and finally seeing the sign of the much anticipated White Beach Resort.

Neat and comfy rooms for the family at White Beach Resort
Neat and comfy rooms for the family at White Beach Resort

The resort’s open-air restaurant fronting the sea was packed with guests dining over the coast’s flavourful fresh sea catches, whereby a lady who was receiving payments from guests was also in charge of the room reservations.

A nice lady then led us to the resort’s four-storey building and assisted us into our room on the second floor.

The room was simple, spacious and neat; an air-conditioned room with a single bed, a queen-sized bed and a private bathroom, plus clean towels and toiletries that were set to fulfill our basic comfort.

We went to the beach as soon as we got ready and watched Luna play with the sand and the water. We ordered Grilled Chicken with rice from the restaurant and brought it to the beach to let Luna eat her dinner while playing in the breakwater.

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Much later, we were back inside the comfort of our room, dozing off blissfully on our bed’s cushy mattress and clean beddings.

We woke up early the next day to have fun in the sun. Whilst beyond a few steps from our bedroom, we were back on the beach, searching for pink-colored pebbles and swimming in the sea.

White Beach Resort beach facade
White Beach Resort beach facade

We basked under the sun until right before noon in order to fix our things for our impending departure.

The multi-tasking staff in the resort’s restaurant later called a tricycle for us that would take us to Calapan terminal, which cost was 150php.

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Alas, our overnight rendezvous in White Beach Resort and this beach in Puerto Galera quenched our adventure in total joy, absolute goodness and beyond. Visit their Facebook Page for more info 🙂

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