Resort Review: Lalaguna Villas in Sabang Puerto Galera

The Surreal Wonder about Lalaguna Villas in Sabang Puerto Galera

If you’re searching for a vivid and affluent place to have some fun and unwind, Lalaguna Villas in Sabang Puerto Galera (hotel info) awaits you with lots of endearing excitement. Since its inception, Lalaguna Villas has grown tremendously, and has drawn a huge cavalcade of people worldwide to come and experience some of the enduring fun they’ve heard about from their impressed friends and peers.

Spacious and Comfortable Bed
Spacious and Comfortable Bed

During my recent visit in Puerto Galera, I had a chance to stay in this resort for 3 days in 2 nights during the celebration of De Galera Festival. The Villa lies on a rich background where people can enjoy stunning views and soothing sea breezes, a great spectacle and setting for a superb family vacation.

I stayed in a deluxe family room fronting the beautiful beach of Small Lalaguna. What I like about my room is its beautiful and spacious veranda, it provides a beautiful view and a nice place to work especially for people like me who works while traveling.

Lalaguna Villas Pool
Lalaguna Villas Pool

Among the other leisure amenities that make Lalaguna Villas (check availability) such a classic place that people should long anxiously to visit, it is flourished with some vast and classic suites, great bars and restaurants, 24h-full time service and much more.

Lalaguna Villas Veranda
Lalaguna Villas Veranda

Distinct Guestrooms embellished with rich glamour are also situated around Lalaguna Villas, designed to provide people with an ultra-sophisticated level of comfort with striking décor and convenient amenities like Wi-Fi in all rooms, revitalizing shower, air conditioning, hair drier, refrigerators packed with your favourite refreshments and much more.

After spending a long, stressful day exploring the exotic beauty and glamour spread around Lalaguna Villas’ immense surroundings, you can choose from a variety of leisure enhancements to brighten up your day. There are various leisure facilities like diving, a fitness centre, games room, water sports, exploring by boat and more, to make sure your day ends overwhelmingly superb. You definitely won’t feel a lack of opportunities to spend your free time here, so don’t worry about that.

Similarly, you can also choose to sit and lay-back in Lalaguna Villas’ nice swimming pool, where you can enjoy some cool jazz, sip tasty cocktails, cold beers and other refreshing delights. If you wish to notch higher your stay and experience you will have the opportunity for that as well, both in the Lalaguna Villas and the surrounding areas – some of the Lalaguna’s prestigious rooms are fixed with a private Jacuzzi suite that will enchant you immensely.

Corned Beef Breakfast
Corned Beef Breakfast

Also worth knowing, Lalaguna Villas is an all-weather hotel, meaning they provide services to customers on a daily basis within a 24h schedule. Hotel bookings can be done through authenticated and valid credit cards, which usually take a period between 1-3 months, depending on the policies of the issuing bank. On the other hand, upon any cancellation, prepayment may vary depending on the room type a person has chosen. Make sure you check the Villas room policy in case you have any questions about the booking procedures, or you run into any issues.

The resort also owns CGrill Floating Restaurant – a restaurant that offers various international cuisines in very affordable prices.

Take your family and loved ones, either on holiday or vacation, to Lalaguna Villas and see what a fantastic time you can all have. Many people around the world have chosen Lalaguna Villas, in Sabang Puerto Galera as their ultimate spot for some superb holiday vacation and endearing fun, and we can’t say we’ve heard of any who have regretted it. Make sure you visit, or else you and your loved ones are missing a whole lot of fun.

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