Detour to Puerto Galera

Sunset in Puerto Galera

Detour to Puerto Galera

During the last few days prior to the end of 2016, I ventured with my 5 year old daughter, Luna on a RORO trip out of Manila. This trip was meant to consist of Manila to Batangas Pier to Calapan to Roxas City and boat to Caticlan. Our final destination was Boracay.

Calmly, I waited for Typhoon Nina to subside and take a bus to Batangas Pier. We got on a bus bound for Batangas Pier in a station in Laguna as we had come from a Yuletide gathering with our relatives there.

Boat Ride to Puerto Galera
Boat Ride to Puerto Galera Photo credit: ton2fig / CC BY-NC-ND

After further search for a bus that had two spare seats among “standing” buses that were heading to my destination, we were victoriously able to find one in the municipality of Calamba. Our bus ride had cost 90php each and had lasted for two hours.

We then arrived to a traffic of people outside of Batangas Pier. Most of them were heading to my next destination, which was Calapan in Mindoro.

With our heavy bags and a tired five-year-old in tow, I stepped aside to pause and think about what the next course of action was.

And then, my vision was caught by the clear path that was leading to Puerto Galera’s gateway. So I decided that since I have always been curious about Puerto Galera, then that was the perfect chance to fuel my curiosity.

I got a yellow ticket from the Father and Son shipping lines for 430 php total, and got a terminal fee from a guy who was selling it for 30php for a line-free opportunity. Afterward, we were able to enter the Pier where we waited for our boat ride to Muelle, the port of Puerto Galera.

Detour to Puerto Galera
Detour to Puerto Galera Photo credit: joshbousel / CC BY-NC-SA

Due to the weather and the stranded situation that followed with it, our trip got delayed for an hour.

During the wait, I was also able to secure our accommodations through the White Beach Resort booth in the pier with a good discount at that.

Soon, we heard our shipping line being called and we fell in line at the gate going to Muelle. The boat ride was pleasant at the during the first half of the ride, as we sailed away from Batangas to Mindoro.

Grateful for my heightened intuition which told me not to eat right before the boat ride, we experienced a wavy ride as we headed towards the flourishing coast of Muelle.

White Beach Resort faces the sea
White Beach Resort faces the sea

Around two hours of the boat ride, we got off and took our sweet time to get on a tricycle that would take us to White Beach Resort at White Beach, Puerto Galera. We did so for 100 php.

We were dropped off at White Beach Lodge. Sensing that there might be a mistake, we entered the Lodge and asked if that was White Beach Resort. Hence we were directed 300 meters away to White Beach Lodge.

Sunset in Puerto Galera
Sunset in Puerto Galera Photo credit: Eric Pesik and Deanna Pesik / CC BY

Thanks to the subtle mistake made by our previous tricycle driver, we got to see a good portion of White Beach at night as we walked along the beach. White Beach Resort, has four-storey edifice facing the beach.

There at White Beach, we got to rest in our cozy simple bedroom, swim in the dark pebbled sea and bond with the sea, the sky and the breeze again.

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