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Nacpan Beach Travel Guide: Activities, Places to Eat, How to get there + More

Nacpan Beach: Your Guide to Activities, Restos, Hotels + Travel Tips this 2023

Nacpan Beach Travel Guide by Cris Tagupa via Unsplash

Nacpan Travel Guide 2023: Must-Try Activities, Restaurants, and Accommodation

You’ve heard about Boracay, Siargao, and Coron, but have you ever heard of Nacpan? Sounds unfamiliar? Let us introduce you to your next must-visit beach in El Nido, Palawan–Nacpan beach.

El Nido's Nacpan Beach among TripAdvisor's Top Beaches in Asia for 2021 photo via Depositphotos
El Nido’s Nacpan Beach among TripAdvisor’s Top Beaches in Asia for 2021 photo via Depositphotos

Nacpan Beach is a 4-kilometer beach situated in El Nido, Palawan. This strip of paradise is heaven on earth for many beach bums, as it’s not as usually crowded as other beaches in the Philippines. It’s tranquil and pristine, made more appealing with tall coconut trees lining the beach, powdery cream-colored fine sand, and clear blue waters. It’s the tropical paradise of your dreams, only accessible enough to explore when you’re on Palawan Island.

Nacpan Beach is actually ½ of the Twin Beaches in the area, the other one being Calitang Beach. The twins merge into a sandbar going to a hill where you’ll find an excellent spot to view the two beaches. What makes Calitan different from Nacpan is that besides being calmer, Calitang is actually a fishing village.

Nacpan Beach Palawan photo by @arlynsupnet via unsplash
Nacpan Beach Palawan photo by @arlynsupnet via Unsplash

The best time to visit Nacpan Beach is during summer, from November to May. Take note, though, that it’s the peak season so expect more visitors during this time, although lesser than other well-known beaches. If you’re coming here during the lean months, expect strong winds and heavy rains, especially during typhoon season.

Things to do in Nacpan Beach

There are plenty of activities in Nacpan for every kind of traveler. Here are some of the fun things to do at the beach!


Though not the best spot to surf, Nacpan beach is still one of the good places to surf around l Nido. The waves are comfortable and beginner-friendly for those who just want to learn how to surf for the first time.

Chilling & sunset-chasing

If you want to just chill and soak up the sun in a laid-back place, Nacpan is your go-to place. Come by in the late afternoon and witness El Nido’s splendid sunset.

Kayaking and Snorkeling

Rent a kayak boat and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Nacpan! It’s the perfect activity if you’re on vacation with your loved one. To make it more romantic, go here during sunset! You can rent snorkel gear for snorkeling, but it’s always best to bring your own.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Try exciting water activities such as paddleboarding on Nacpan Beach. You can rent a paddleboard nearby and enjoy turtle spotting in the waters!

Sunset in Nacpan Beach by Giuliano Gabella via Unsplash
Sunset in Nacpan Beach by Giuliano Gabella via Unsplash


If you have money to spend on your vacation, make sure to make the most of your beach getaway by glamping! Have a unique and luxurious accommodation by the beach and experience a relaxing hotel-like stay in Nacpan.

Where to Eat in Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach Sunmai Sunset Restaurant

Sunmai Nacpan Beach photo via Facebook Page
Sunmai Nacpan Beach photo via Facebook Page

This beachfront restaurant serves international and Filipino dishes, their bestseller being chicken sandwiches. They serve cocktails and pizza, perfect to cap off the night.

  • Address: Nacpan Beach Pier, El Nido, 5313 Palawan
  • Website:
  • Menu:
  • Operating hours: 7 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday

Kyla’s Cocina

Devour fresh seafood when you eat at Kyla’s Cocina. Their specialties include shrimp and crabs. They also sell fruit shakes to quench your thirst by the beach. For those traveling on a budget and who would like to eat affordable meals, Kyla’s Cocina is the way to go.

  • Address: Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan
  • Operating Hours: 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday

Mad Monkey Kitchen & Bar

What’s a beach trip without indulging in drinks at a bar? This beachfront bar is one of the favorite go-to places for backpackers in Nacpan. The pub serves cocktails and quick bites for travelers. It’s also the most hop party place along the beach, ideal for barkadas who want to enjoy a night out with other beachgoers. When in here, try their shrimp tacos–a crowd favorite!

Note: Mad Monkey is currently closed under renovation as of June 2022. The establishment is accepting reservations from August 2022 onwards, so plan ahead!

Where to Stay along Nacpan Beach

We’ve got you covered, from upscale to budget hotels near or in Nacpan Beach!

Nacpan Beach Glamping

Nacpan Beach Glamping
Nacpan Beach Glamping

Click here for more photos, reviews, rates, and availability.

Stay in modern yurts when you visit Nacpan! Nacpan Beach Glamping is the chic go-to accommodation for those who want a luxury stay without losing the tropical vibe. Each tent has queen size beds good to accommodate 2 people. It’s well-equipped with a comfy designer seat, fridge, lamp, and fans.

They offer activities to level up your beach trip. You can sit by the campfire, play games, and chill at night! You can also book island-hopping tours here to complete your Palawan getaway.

Angkla Beach Club and Boutique Hotel

Angkla Beach Club and Boutique Hotel
Angkla Beach Club and Boutique Hotel

Click here for more photos, rates, reviews, and availability.

Angkla is a sophisticated accommodation that offers well-appointed rooms and villas. It’s ideally situated along the beach and has its own outdoor pool and a bar where you’ll enjoy remixes and tunes by the live DJ while chilling or sunbathing outdoors.

For the rooms, they have deluxe villas on the first and second floors offering a beautiful view of the gardens. It’s also just a few steps away from the beach! Also, start your mornings right with their
complimentary breakfast.

Seaside Hue Resort

Seaside Hue Resort
Seaside Hue Resort

You’ll know Seaside Hue Resort by seeing rows of cute, colorful houses along Nacpan Beach. The resort has beachfront accommodations perfect if you want to just be a stone’s throw away from the beach. Though not a luxury hotel, Seaside Hue offers refuge to many travelers who want economical accommodation that’s still comfy and safe. Chill and sit pretty by the beach as you relax on their colorful bean bags lined along the shore!

Nacpan Beach Travel Guide by Cris Tagupa via Unsplash
Nacpan Beach Travel Guide by Cris Tagupa via Unsplash

How to go to Nacpan Beach

There are several modes of transportation that you can take to and from Nacpan Beach.

Via motorbike

From El Nido town proper, renting a motorbike is just a one-hour ride. Prices start at P350 a day.

Via tricycle

You can hire a tricycle going to Nacpan Beach for about P800- P1000 roundtrip. However, taking tricycles on the way here during the rainy season is not advisable as it can get bumpy and uncomfortable.

Via van

You may also rent a van that offers pick-up and drop-off service in your hotel along Nacpan Beach. The average cost is P600 per person. It’s your ideal ride if you’re coming in groups.

Travel Tips:

There are several tours offered when you want to visit Nacpan Beach. One is the DIY Motorbike Tour, where you can stop by various spots as you plan a DIY tour. You’ll have to rent a motorbike and explore the beaches until you arrive in Nacpan. A motorbike rental usually costs P400 for an entire day, depending on the season. You just need to provide a valid ID.

If you don’t want to book accommodation, several places offer tent rentals too! You can rent out a tent for about P500. Aside from tents, there are bamboo bike rentals nearby that you can also use to explore other parts of the island. It’s another fun activity to try aside from water activities!

Since the beach is less crowded, expect higher food prices. The food here is generally more expensive, so take note of that and bring pocket money if you get hungry. Some hotels have in-house restaurants that serve complimentary breakfast, so it might be better if you book a hotel instead. If not, there are lots of eateries that offer seafood, meat, and quick bites, plus refreshing shakes.

It’s a known fact that El Nido has frequent power outages, so don’t be surprised. Some hostels and accommodations have their own generators, so no worries!

Nacpan Beach is the ideal destination for travelers who want to go somewhere that’s idyllic and breathtaking. It’s one of the few uncrowded beaches in Palawan that every kind of traveler will surely enjoy. Whether you’re a solo traveler, with a significant other, or with family and barkada, Nacpan Beach is your best bet for a relaxing vacation on your revenge trip.

Have you been to Nacpan Beach before? What was your experience like? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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