Manila Central Post Office Building : The new Fullerton Hotel?

The Fullerton Hotel considered to be one of the best-in-class hotels is eyeing to transform the Manila Central Post Office Building into a first class hotel according to As part of the development, the management of the Fullerton Hotel group based in Singapore is in talks with the Philippine Government.

fullerton Manila Hotel
Manila Post Office Building

The Fullerton hotel based in Singapore was also primarily a general post office before it was transformed into a luxury hotel. The hotel is located in the Central Business District of Singapore.

Just like the Manila Post office,  Fullerton hotel in Singapore has a colorful history. The Fullerton Building was named in the honor of Robert Fullerton who was the governor of Singapore from the year 1826 to the year 1829. The building was used as a post office as well as a hospital during the Second World War.

manila fullerton
Fullerton Hotel Singapore (photo courtesy of

One of the major reasons of the possible conversion of the Manila post office into a luxurious hotel is the country’s bid to boost tourism in the area which covers Intramuros, Quiapo as well as Metropolitan Theater. It is expected that if the project goes ahead, then almost Five Floors of the Manila Central Post Office will be converted to a posh and luxurious hotel by Fullerton.

The major motivation that has driven the possible transformation of the Philpost building is its 86 year old neo-classical architecture. The office is expected to be a catalyst in the transformation of the city in to a major tourist attraction.

post office hotel manila
Old Manila Post Office Building Photo by

According to the news, it is known that a committee headed by the Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima is already in place to learn the possibility of converting this area in to a major tourist attraction as part of a tourism development project. If the project goes ahead, there will not be any demolition of the Philpost building taking in to context the fact that it is a Heritage Building and investors will be more interested in preserving it.

The other members of the committee include the city government of Manila as well as the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. The committee has been given six months for submitting their recommendations on this development. The planned tourism project is expected to bring more positive transformations to nearby Historical landmarks as well as the Binondo area and Escolta.

Philpost Master General Josie Dela Cruz has explained some practical reasons for the possible transformation of the Philpost building in to Fullerton Hotel. One of the main reasons includes the opinion that the building is too big for a post office with the higher maintenance cost not getting economical for the management.

The statement deserves more significance taking in to context that Philpost being a government-run corporation is running on a loss ever since the private couriers came in to play as well as the introduction of advanced communication such as e-mails as well as cellular text messaging services. This has resulted in a significant revenue loss for the Philpost with only limited people making use of their services.
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