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Handicraft Village and Craft Museum in Kelantan


After visiting Istana Jahar, we headed to the famous Craft Museum – a Pasalubong haven in Kelantan. The Handicraft Village and Craft Museum is conviniently located in the centre of Kelantan’s cultural zone. The village and museum features a wide range of Kelantan handicraft and this place is now increasingly becoming one of the most sought after tourist stops in Kelantan.

Handicraft Village and Craft Museum
Handicraft Village and Craft Museum

The whole complex has handicraft village followed by craft museum, craft shops and a tourism information office. The craft shops offer a range of crafts for visitors to purchase from. From baskets, to paintings, to Batik and other pasalubong items that are all locally hand crafted. Any details or queries regarding the museum can be obtained from the tourism office located within the village. Both the Handicraft Village and Craft Museum are located alongside Jalan Hilir Kota and Jalan Sultan.

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Kelantan Handicrafts
Kelantan Handicrafts

The museum provides visitors with a view of the famous Kelantan’s Craftsmanship. The Handicraft village located next to the museum provides users with an opportunity to have a hands-on experience on how these handicrafts are made.

Some of the traditional demonstrations being held in the Handicraft Village and Craft Museum in Kelantan include that of traditional embroidery, songket weaving, batik printing, silversmithing and matting. Other works includes silver works and wood carving. All these works are carried out by skilled artisans. Some of the products are also available for sales and purchase at the centre.

Handicraft Village and Craft Museum is popularly known as ‘Balai Getam Guri’. Other famous spots in Kelantan such as Istana Balai Besar and the Bulu Kubu Bazaar are also in a walking distance from the museum. After having a glimpse of the craftsmanship, visitors can move towards the ground floor of the building that has a restaurant named ‘Balai Sulur Gadung ’.

Kelantan Local Products
Kelantan Local Products

Visitors can have some of the famous Kelantan dishes from this restaurant to refresh themselves. The whole museum is made up of traditional architecture with wooden structures. The museum is completely surrounded with greenery allowing visitors to experience the beauty of nature and cool breeze blowing across the museum.

The Handicraft Village usually conducts live demonstrations and shows of the handicrafts in the courtyard. Songket weaving is a hand-woven fabric weaving that is made up of either silk or cotton fabric. It is intricately patterned and is one of the traditional forms of dresses in Malaysia. Embroidery is also seen being weaved by skilled people in various patterns and designs for enhancing the overall look of the traditional outfit.

Kelantan Souvenir Shops
Kelantan Souvenir Shops

Batik Printing is also an interesting handwork done by skilled handicraft professionals. In Batik Printing, the clothes are decorated by coating a portion it using wax and then dyeing the cloth. Wooden Carvings include making up of wooden structures in various patterns and designs that can be used for decorations in the house. Several wooden carvings are available with varying price ranges. Visitors can purchase the one that fit their budget from Handicraft Village and Craft Museum in Kelantan.

Just like the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur, the objective of this place is to provide visitors with a deeper insight in to the traditional practices and the local products of the people in Malaysia particularly in Kelantan State.



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