Favorite Pinoy Christmas Foods With a Cheesy Twist

Christmas is one of the most awaited holidays of the year. We are looking forward to enjoying the festive dishes that our families are serving every family gatherings, especially during Noche Buena. Filipinos believe that the more food and people there are, the merrier the Christmas can be.

Danes Cheese Ball
Danes Cheese Ball

Every family has their own recipe for Noche Buena. These recipes have been mastered and improved over the decades. After all, Christmas is all about traditions, and it is a wonderful thing to share traditions with the people closest to your heart. It is also the best time to start your own tradition. It might be time to start revamping your Christmas cookbook of traditional dishes and add a cheesy twist.

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Liven up your Noche Buena table with Danes Cheese Ball. This cheese ball is creamy, cheesy, and delicious even on its own. But what makes it even better is that it is so versatile that you can start mixing it into your own recipes or make new and exciting dishes with it.

Here are four dishes that can make your Noche Buena hands extra special and extra cheesy.

Pinoy Spaghetti
Pinoy Spaghetti


Having a spaghetti is a Filipino party essential and Christmas is no exception. Spaghetti symbolizes celebration. Make your sweet spaghetti even better with cheese mixed into the sweet sauce ala #Jollibee then sprinkle a lot of cheese on top. This sweet red spaghetti will surely be a hit with kids and kids at heart.

Beef Caldereta
Beef Caldereta


All our mothers have a specialty dish and you can expect it to be served on the grandest occasion of the year. Caldereta is one of the most popular mommy specialties. It is a common family recipe that is passed from generation to generation. Adding cheese to the sauce makes it tastier and more savory.

Cheesy Ensaymada
Cheesy Ensaymada


Once Simbang Gabi starts, churches are surrounded by stalls that sell colorful holiday delicacies like puto bumbong and bibingka that you can eat as an appetizer, snack or dessert. We cannot get enough of kakanin, especially with cheese sprinkled on top. Anything with a lot of cheese tastes better, right?

Fruit Salad - Christmas Foods
Fruit Salad – Christmas Foods

Fruit Salad

What is a Noche Buena without fruit salad? Most of us probably helped our grandmother making it. Bonding over Noche Buena preparations is a special part of our childhood. It is a cheesy moment that we can share with our families.

These are just a few of the dishes that you can make with Danes Cheese Ball. You can mix it into your own recipes or experiment and make new dishes with it. It is great eaten on its own and it is great with signature dishes too.

Danes Cheese Ball
Danes Cheese Ball

What are you waiting for? Give your Christmas dishes an exciting new twist and flavor with Danes Cheese Ball. You can find Danes Cheese Ball in all leading supermarkets and groceries. #HappyHoliDanes!

For more Danes Cheese Ball recipes, visit their Facebook Page at facebook.com/danescheese or check their recipe video below:

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