Get your JR Pass delivered straight to your address in just 3 working days

How to buy JR Pass online in the Philippines

Travel Japan without Worries with JR PASS from KKday

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel to Japan and explore it by riding the world’s best train system? Going to Japan opens a lot of opportunities because it’s a unique country with a rich history and culture you’re not going to experience anywhere else. So, why not discover Japan’s treasured destinations by riding their efficient high-speed train lines?

Get your JR pass in 3 days
Get your JR pass in 3 days

Japan Rail Pass or JR Pass is a product of Japan Railways (JR) Group and is available to tourists in the country. The JR Pass can be used for the JR trains which bring tourists to its main prefectures (districts). The JR Pass can cut travel time so you can maximize your touring adventures. Using the JR Pass is also amazing because it brings tourists to some of the most amazing destinations of Japan.

Why should you buy your JR Pass in the Philippines?

Using their efficient train system is the fastest way to travel by land in Japan. But because it’s super efficient, it is also expensive. The best way to save money is to buy a JR Pass in the Philippines. Buying a Japan Railways Pass will allow you to reserve a seat for free and best of all, you no longer need to go to ticket booths to buy your train tickets. Just present your JR Pass and you are good to go!

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Where to buy JR Pass in Manila photo by Hardik Pandya via Unsplash
Where to buy JR Pass in Manila Photo by Hardik Pandya on Unsplash

How to get your JR Pass in just 3 working days?

If you’re traveling to Japan soon, you can Get your JR Pass from KKday which delivers anywhere in Manila. You just have to wait for 3 working days to Get your JR Pass then you’re all set. This is for residents of Manila while people who live outside of Manila will get theirs delivered in 5 working days. The price of KKday’s All Japan JR Pass is only Php13,583 and they even deliver it for free.

Japan Railways Shinkansen
Japan Railways Shinkansen

You can Get your JR Pass and embark on a journey of immersing yourself to the life of this beautiful, clean and disciplined country. Some of the best attractions to visit in Japan are the temples, parks, the countryside, shrines, alleyways, food stalls and restaurants and of course, the Cherry Blossoms.

How to buy JR Pass online in the Philippines
How to buy JR Pass online in the Philippines

KKday is the leading e-commerce platform in Asia for travelers. You can find everything you need for traveling like tours, activities and travel merchandises in KKday website. Their website caters to a newbie and seasoned travelers. KKday offers more than 10,000 tours and activities worldwide and they are used by many travelers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and North America and they recently launched their services to the Philippine public. You can get your JR Pass from their website which you can use as you travel to various parts of Japan.

Get your JR Pass and visit Japan with ease. You can learn about the JR pass by visiting this page.

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