Get Ready for Masskara Festival 2016 – Schedule Of Activities

Masskara Festival 2018 Schedule of Activities

Masskara Festival 2016 Schedule Of Activities – Organize Your Itineraries Now

Bacolod City is one of the Philippines’ most loved tourist spots. The warmth that the people bring to its visitors is the reason why the city is called as the “City of Smiles.” It became even popular when it started holding the annual Masskara Festival in the 1980’s. Fast forward today, it is deemed as one of the best festivals in the country. Every year, the event becomes more fun with the addition of exciting activities.

Masskara Festival 2016 Schedule Of Activities
Masskara Festival 2016 Schedule Of Activities

This year’s Masskara Festival is indeed full of stimulating activities just like the previous years. The event will start with the Opening Salvo on the 1st of October, which will be followed by various Masskara-related activities. The highlights of the festival are the Charter Day Countdown to be marked by series of fireworks display and the Charter Day Celebration, itself—all happening on the 3rd week of October.

Being one of the most attended Philippine festivals, it is expected to draw huge crowd again. So if you are heading to the “City of Smiles” this October, be ready to bump body with hordes of tourists. But don’t worry, because the trip will be truly exciting and memorable.

To help you organize your itineraries, here is Masskara Festival 2016 Schedule Of Activities:

  • October 17 – Masskara 2016 RED Party – Bacolod Government Center
  • October 20-23 – Electric Masskara – Tourism Strip
  • October 20-23 – Masskara Street Dance Competition – Bacolod Public Plaza
  • October 20-23 – Fireworks Display Competition – Bacolod Government Center

Masskara Festival is more than just a festival; it also serves as a reminder to everyone to keep smiling despite all life’s challenges. Going back, the festival was launched to make the locals smile again after the scarcity in sugar supply and a tragic incident that killed 1000 people. So every time you see masks embellished with smiles, remember that a positive outlook in life will absolutely make a difference not just in your life—but in the lives of other people.

So head on now to Bacolod City, bump bodies with the huge crowd, dance, project a sweet smile—and relive the true meaning of Masskara Festival. No doubt that this year will be another memorable one to both first-timers and longtime festival goers.

Masskara Festival 2016
Masskara Festival 2016

How to get to Bacolod City?

Bacolod’s airport is not located within the city but just within the Metropolitan Area of Bacolod in the City of Silay. The old airport which was located in Singcang was replaced by a bigger airport with air-bridges — Bacolod-Silay International Airport(ICAO: BCD | IATA: RPVB).

Bacolod City is 45-60 minutes Southeast of Manila and 30 minutes west of Cebu by plane, the airport is connected to the two cities by local airlines — Philippine Airlines, PAL Express and Cebu Pacific.

Where to Stay in Bacolod City?

Upon arriving at the airport, Department of Tourism and the Local Government has a desk in the arrivals area where you can grab a list of Hotels and resorts with complete contact info for you to easily book your accommodation and just head to your hotel room without any hassle.

Things to do and See in Bacolod City and Nearby Towns

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