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Travel Diary: Visiting the Quiet Town of Dauin in Negros Oriental

Unspoiled beach at Dauin, Negros Oriental

Visiting the Quiet Town of Dauin in Negros Oriental

One long weekend, my family and I, together with a few friends, visited my mom’s hometown in Dauin, Negros Oriental. We got to the town proper early in the morning and there had not been much activity, despite that day being the day of the fiesta.

Sunrise at the Sibulan Port
Sunrise at the Sibulan Port

It was my uncle, who was the cousin of my mother, and his mom who warmly welcomed us into their home. We took a quick pamainit of coffee and bread with butter. It was still quite early and the neighborhood was still prepping their own charcoal pits where the roasted pigs will soon be placed over.

Preparing for the fiesta table’s main attraction: the lechon
Preparing for the fiesta table’s main attraction: the lechon

My uncle decided that it was too early and too boring to stay inside the house so he brought us to the beach, which was just a few meters away from the house. Did you know that diving here costs only Php 150? Well, we were shocked, too. So, in case you’d like to go diving, you might want to check the town of Dauin, which is located just right across Apo Island.

We didn’t come to town for the dive spots though so we continued along with our walk and savored the morning sun. Dauin boasts of a long, beautiful and clean coastline with black sparkling sand. I could clearly remember, when we took vacations in my grandparents’ house back in my childhood, I would swim (well, tried to) and pick out the huge stones to bring home to the city as panghilod.

Unspoiled beach at Dauin, Negros Oriental
Unspoiled beach at Dauin, Negros Oriental

Not much has changed in this part of the country and I liked it. Sure, there were a few spots by the beach that were already occupied by semi-developed resorts and huge houses of foreigners that remain unoccuppied but, otherwise, the beaches remain unspoiled.

Ahhh…this laid back life where you can just hear the crashing of the waves is something that anyone from the city itch for. The signal is also great, which is a big plus for online workers like me. Haha. So much for trying to escape the hectic digital life.

We could have camped out here except that we did not bring our camping gears for this trip and we were definitely looking forward to a nice and clean bathroom.

It was not long before we decided to go back to the house. But, first, we went to visit the Church which was just a few blocks away from the house.

The Church at Dauin
The Church at Dauin

My friends have this fascination for old structures, including Churches, and their bell towers — that despite being non-Catholics. Unfortunately for this one, access to the bell tower was closed so we just took a photo of the facade.

So much done and it was just 9 in the morning — we definitely would not be able to say the same thing back in the city. We headed back to the house and saw a few more charcoal pits being prepared.

Going back home -- with Mt. Talinis peeking at the background
Going back home — with Mt. Talinis peeking at the background

Belle says, “There must be more than this provincial life!” then again she was never a city girl. Perhaps when she’s lived several years in the crowded and fast-paced of the city, she will long for her place back in the province.

Written by Pam Baroro

Pam is a millennial mom who loves to explore the outdoors to camp, hike, trek and backpack with her partner and their 3-year-old daughter. When not out for (mis)adventures, she moonlights as a freelance writer, blogger and ghostwriter. Check out their family travel blog at Hey, Miss Adventures!

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