A city is incomplete without its cultural and historical significance preserved in the form of art. These artifacts of ancient times are preserved for introducing the culture and innovative artworks of the famous artists to the next generation so that the cultural importance of the city can be refreshed in the young minds.

The Negros Museum in Bacolod City
The Negros Museum in Bacolod City

Similarly, Bacolod city is also known for its creative contemporary piece of arts and cultural artifacts which are preserved and exhibited in the very first museum build in Philippines known as the Negros Museum. The museum not only represents the historic artworks but also encourages recent story based contemporary art innovatively created by local artisans.

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The Museum's Interior
The Museum’s Interior

Establishment of the museum

Originally the Negros museum started its construction from 1987 at the Provisional Capitol Building which was inaugurated on 16th of March, 1996. Along with the antique ancient artifacts, museum was filled with the recent contemporary works of local artists that represented the stories describing Negros Islands and the events occurred during their times. The artworks present in the museum gives lives to the real as well as fiction stories created by the innovative artisans of the city through figments of their master pieces that they sell to the museum.

Antique items donated by locals
Antique items donated by locals

Later on the Negros Museum was moved from the previous location to Gatuslao Street where the museum was housed in the Agricultural building of Bacolod City. The building itself inspired the artisans and they focused on blending their designs with the art that already existed in the building. The pillars and other areas were redesigned to bring out the perfect artistry in the look of the museum.

Paintings for Sale
Paintings for Sale

Remembrance of culture    

The Negros museum is built for as a remembrance of the historic events, culture, artistry and adroitness of the Negrenses who resided in the Negros islands in the early era. With the advent of new technologies and modernization the historic significance and cultural organization have started to lose their importance in the lives of the next generation.

Old Telephone
Old Telephone

The Museum was built in order to remind the next generation about the cultural as well as contemporary foundation of Bacolod City. It is a way to incorporate historical knowledge in the inhabitants through representation of heritage and art.

Negros Museum Souvenir Shop
Negros Museum Souvenir Shop

Inspiration for youth of Negros Island

The Negros museum was built on the foundation of objectives and aims for developing the knowledge and understanding of the people about their past as well as present culture. Here are some of the contributions of the Museum to the old and new generations of Negrenses:

  • It has encouraged the artworks of the local artists and appreciated their innovations and artistry representations of stories of Negro islands.
  • It has created a gateway to connect to the youth and children with the significance of the area.
  • It has been developed as a source of knowledge and inspiration from which the visitors from over the world are made aware to the culture of the Negro Islands.

The Negros Museum
Address: Gatuslao St. Bacolod City
Phone: 034 434 5552
Price: adult/child P40/20
Operating Hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Sat



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