More shrimps coming our way after this bucket.
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Food Trip: The 3-Day Gastronomic Adventure in Bohol

What We Ate for 3 Days in Bohol

During the 3-day blissful Bohol trip courtesy of AirAsia, we were able to taste the best dishes the province has to offer. And just in case you missed it, AirAsia is Bohol’s official airline partner for Behold Bohol 2018. And here’s a roundup of everything we ate since day 1.

Vita Isola Leisure Farm

At Vita Isola.
At Vita Isola.

After our plane has landed in Bohol, we headed first to Vita Isola Leisure Farm in Loon.

It was fairly new and its vast space is mostly taken up by greens, a quaint house, an outdoor dining area, and a breathtaking view of the beach, with a huge hammock on the hillmaking it a perfect definition for a perfect Island life.

Some hefty crab servings here at Vita Isola.
Some hefty crab servings here at Vita Isola.
More shrimps coming our way after this bucket.More shrimps coming our way after this bucket.
More shrimps coming our way after this bucket.

We were served with sumptuous seafood dishes from crabs, shrimps, kinilaw, chicken, and some fresh vegetable salad.  It was paired with a refreshing cucumber juice, perfect for the scorching heat.

At first it was just a rest house, turned to a leisure farm where tourists can enjoy some water activities like kayaking and stand up paddling. There is also an organic farm where they usually get there ingredients, then there’s even a farm animals being well-taken care of, from chickens, rabbit, goats, and birds as well.

If you’re looking for your next summer getaway in Bohol, then better add this to you list of must-visit place.

Breakfast at Saffron Restaurant

Breakfast will always be my favorite meal anytime of the day. But here at Saffron Restaurant in Amorita Resort, they have added a plethora of choices from croissants, and even variety of cheeses.

More breads here at Saffron.
More breads here at Saffron.

For the staple breakfast, they serve some Yangchow, garlic, and plain rice. You can even choose how your eggs want to be cook, then even some vitamilks on the side for kids as well.

There’s the fruit section, a space for those who want a feast for bacon, a cereal section, pancake section, and a salad section. There’s even choices from fresh juices, (cucumber, watermelon, and mango), then a hot chocolate and ginger tea on the table. In the evening, we were able to have a taste of their chicken and fish as their mains, and the leche flan with ube for dessert.


After the successful MOA signing between AirAsia and the provincial government of Bohol, we headed over to our dinner, where we were offered with cold towels and servesa negra.


Its industrial interior, surrounded with various wines, and with dramatic lights creates the vibe of the bar which let it guests to just chill and have a grub after.


Fine fair of authentic Spanish dishes were served on our tables, and it was a delight on our eyes and palettes. There’s some tapas, calamari, paellas, gambas, and churros for dessert.

If you want to head out, there’s a way beside the cliff of Amorita Resort, going to the beach. There’s various dining areas you can choose from, and some entertainment areas as well. Best time to take a stroll on the beach would be at nighttime. You can either just lay down on the sand, gaze on the stars while enjoying the sound of the waves crashing the shores.

And just in time for summer, we’re up to another surprise as the much-cherished Sandugo Festival 2018 in Bohol will take place this July, with more activities, and food fairs for you to enjoy.

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