Amorita Bohol: Why do I love Green Resorts

Amorita Bohol Resort

Why I love Green Resorts

As a traveler for a considerable number of years, I have seen my fair share of accommodations: from hostels, luxury hotels, farm resorts, and garden view rooms. Yet what stood out the most was Amorita Resort in Bohol.

View from Amorita Bohol Poolside
View from Amorita Bohol Poolside

Amorita Resort (check rates) is like an entire world on its own. The property is located in Panglao, an island municipality connected by a bridge from mainland Bohol province. Panglao has an unobstructed view of the Bohol Sea and the horizon ahead, and the surrounding nature, trees, limestone cliffs, and the tranquil Alona Beach make Amorita very close to nature. Needless to say, It’s quite obvious why this resort was awarded several times as one of the few best Green Resorts in the ASEAN Region.

ASEAN Green Hotel Award

Amorita Resort (guest reviews) is the flagship luxury resort of the boutique hotel group One-Of Collection led by president Ria Cauton and CEO Nikki Cauton.

My Room at Amorita Resort Bohol
My Room at Amorita Resort Bohol

The resort, which is a little over 11 years old, has accumulated awards and recognitions throughout the years. In 2017, it received the Conde Nast Johansen Excellence Award for Best in Service. It was also recognized by TripAdvisor as the Traveler’s Choice Awardee in the same year.

Early Morning in Bohol Amorita Resort
Early Morning in Bohol Amorita Resort

In February 2018, the luxury resort added another award to its collection: the ASEAN Green Hotel Award, for two consecutive years. This prestigious award is given to hotels that meet the ASEAN Tourism Standard, which focuses on environmental-friendly hotel operations and practices that benefit not just the hotel, but also its surroundings and nearby communities.

Refillable Glass Water Bottles at Amorita
Refillable Glass Water Bottles at Amorita

I stayed at Amorita Resort several times already, and their care for the environment was something I particularly took interest in. Some of the things I observed during my stay were that they used refillable glass water bottles, refillable liquid soap containers, and woven bags, which are all used instead of plastics.

Loudbasstard bamboo music amplifier - eco-friendly natural amplifiers
Loudbasstard bamboo music amplifier – eco-friendly natural amplifiers

My room also had a Loudbasstard bamboo music amplifier. It was a mobile phone dock but it’s made of bamboo and amplified music from my phone. It was a genius addition that really contributed to the green, close-to-nature feel.

Amorita provide Buri Shopping and all around bag to avoid the use of plastic bags
Amorita provide Buri Shopping and all around bag to avoid the use of plastic bags

In addition, the resort management takes part in several forms of sustainable tourism. They have an organic garden where tea leaves are harvested for guests to enjoy, as well as a farm where chefs get some of their ingredients from. Amorita Resort also has a large rainwater harvesting facility in the property.

Breakfast Table made from repurposed wood
Breakfast Table made from repurposed wood

All these comply with the criteria of the ASEAN Green Hotel Award, which recognizes “hotel industry players whose operations are based on the achievement of sustainable tourism through environment-friendly principles and practices”.

Breakfast by the pool at Amorita Bohol
Breakfast by the pool at Amorita Bohol
World Class Dining at Amorita Bohol
World-Class Dining at Amorita Bohol

Why do I love Green Resorts, and why we should support them?

Green Resorts are our doorways to nature. It makes our stay in a place worth it because it gives us comfort and shelter without sacrificing the welfare of the surrounding environment.

For properties like a resort, becoming Green is like a continuous corporate social responsibility without expecting anything in return.

Each resort and tourism establishment are nominated based on the following standards set by the ASEAN award-giving body:

  • Environmental policy and actions for hotel operation
  • Use of Green Products
  • Collaboration with the community and local organizations
  • Human resource development
  • Solid waste management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Air quality management (indoor and outdoor)
  • Noise pollution control
  • Wastewater treatment and management
  • Toxic and chemical substance disposal
View from my veranda
View from my veranda

Besides this, the experience of staying in a Green Resort such as Amorita Bohol is inexplicably refreshing. Literally, from Farm to Table, the food is freshly made and sourced, my morning cups of tea were lovely, and it truly makes me feel an unadulterated connection to and appreciation of the beauty of Panglao.

Amorita Resort – Book via (Agoda)
Address: Alona, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
Official website
Bohol Telephone Number: +63 38 502 9002 or +63 917 726 4526
Manila Telephone: +63 2 8561443 or +63 2 553 9549

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