Yukata Rental with Sakura
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Experience Cherry Blossoms at Japan’s Best Hot Spring Town, Kinosaki Onsen

Cherry Blossoms off the Beaten Path

Spending time at Kinosaki Onsen during Cherry Blossoms

We’ve written a lot of articles on where to spend your next trip to Japan, what to do, and where to stay. Because admit it, there’s just something with Japan whatever the season is.

Hailed as the national flower of Japan, you’ve probably seen sakura in postcards and social media channels. It’s prevalent in many forms of pop culture, including music, kimono, dishware, and manga.

Kinosaki Onsen with Sakura
Kinosaki Onsen with Sakura

A lot of tourists consider seeing cherry blossoms on their bucket list when visiting Japan. These trees bloom depending on the temperature, weather, and type of tree. On average, the tree starts to bloom around March to the first week of April, however, those that are located in Kinosaki Onsen, Takeno, Izushi, and Tanto bloom earlier than the ones at the higher elevations.

In Kinosaki Onsen, the trees begin to bloom on the last day of March and will reach full bloom in the first week of April.

The 7 Onsens in Kinosaki Onsen

Here’s a short history if Kinosaki Onsen you should learn about: Kinosaki Onsen is a 1300-year-old hot spring village surrounded by mountains and sea, and is filled with the culture of old Japan. Once you step foot in this peaceful town, you’d feel being transported through time with its traditional architecture and natural hot springs.

Yukata Rental with Sakura
Yukata Rental with Sakura

While there are exemplary locations in Japan to view Cherry Blossoms during the day, here at Kinosaki Onsen, you can even have a great view also at night – and that includes the Kiyamachi Street near Ichino-Yu, one of the town’s seven public onsen.

In between onsens are shops, a canal, and a walkway where you can have a perfect stroll in the evening for that romantic atmosphere.

Takeno Beach with Sakura
Takeno Beach with Sakura

These are the 7 onsens or “hot springs” to check out when you visit here:


This is the oldest hot spring in Kinosaki which is said to be discovered when a priest found an oriental stork healing its wounds in the waters. It has two outdoor baths and an interior shower area.


A well-known bath in Kinosaki housing two small ceramic baths located outside. One can also get a great mountainside view.


Looking unique compare to other onsens, Goshono-yu is built in the likeness of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace, and boast an outdoor bath surrounded by lush trees as well as an indoor bath.


For those who want to feel like they’re inside a real cave while soaking in its relaxing waters, then Ichino-yu is the place to be. It features a cave made of natural boulders and soft ambient lighting.


Unlike the Ichino-yu with a very outdoorsy element, the Yanagi-yu prefers to have a perfect mix of the modern and traditional interior.


This retro-style bathhouse named after the deity that protects children is among the favorite in Kinosaki. It’s made up of hexagonal windows shaped like the volcanic rock formations of Genbudo cave.


Equipped with large rooms and a wide variety of baths, it is no wonder this bathhouse is one of the favorites in town. Apart from the dry sauna, they also have steam rooms and a cold pool on one side.

Izushi Castle Ruins with Sakura
Izushi Castle Ruins with Sakura
Kinosaki Onsen with Sakura Blossoms
Kinosaki Onsen with Sakura Blossoms

Where to go in Kinosaki Onsen


For a different kind of setting and gastronomic adventure, Toyooka might just be the place for you. It is surrounded by pubs and restaurants run by colorful locals who add their own special touch to the menu and their guests’ visit. It is also a place where Japan’s oldest wooden market and flower shops are located.


One would truly be amazed by the mystical and enchanting town of Izushi. Some of the local products found here are “Izushi Sara Soba”, “Izushi Yaki”, and “Kiryusaiku”. Tourists can also change into a kimono and stroll through the town. Even the shops, homes, and other buildings are also restored to retain their original charm as well as community and rural life.


Thrill-seekers can appreciate Kannabe for such reasons such as hiking, enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing among others. It is nestled in the lush mountain valleys near the volcanic crater of Kannabe. As a matter of fact, you can also walk along the hardened magma rocks from the old lava flow of the local volcano. A trail that goes along a river and is surrounded by lush green forests.


Another hidden gem to visit in Kinosaki District is Takeno which is named as one of 100 best beaches in Japan. So, if you’re planning for a quick beach holiday after your onsen visit, then this is the place to be. Plus! It’s just a 10-minute ride from Kinosaki Onsen.


Surrounded by a giant field of tulips, Tanto, which is nestled away in a mountain valley in northern rural Hyogo is also quite the choice of destination for some if they want some quiet time. Tourists are also suggested to visit the Ankokuji Temple in Tanto which houses the large dodan tsutsuji plant that turns a brilliant red in the fall. They also hold a Tanto Tulip Festival from the middle to the end of April.

To know more about Kinosaki Onsen, visit Visitkinosaki.com.

Kinosaki Travel and Tour Packages

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