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Enriching Visit in Bolinao

Patar Beach - Enriching Visit in Bolinao

Weekend Visit in Bolinao

In the northern edge of Luzon lies a treasure trove of natural resources, called Bolinao, otherwise known as “The Hidden Jewel of the North”.

Exploring Bolinao
Exploring Bolinao

This modest but rich town of Pangasinan radiates in homage to the bountiful gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed, somewhat magical as these gifts seem to flourish continuously. There are caves thriving with beautiful rock formations and sparkling pools, beaches for underwater exploration and sunbathing, a series of waterfalls and a kind-hearted community who takes full responsibility in caring for their homegrown nature.

Long weekends and holidays such as Christmas holiday are perfect times to visit Bolinao.

The town of Bolinao in Pangasinan
The town of Bolinao in Pangasinan

Whilst land travel makes as the only mode of transportation to this part of Luzon, consider that it takes 4 hours by private car or 6 hours by bus from the terminals in Cubao, Quezon City.

Once in Bolinao, there is but the magical scenery to absorb.

For places to stay, rest assured that there are a myriad of resorts on the beach and in the town proper. One most recommended is Birdland Beach Club Eco Resort.

Birdland Beach Club Huts
Birdland Beach Club Huts

Birdland Beach Club offers an extraordinary experience amid towering and breezy Ifugao-inspired bamboo cottages, that with its exposure to the revolving sun, arousing breeze and the vast West Philippine Sea, it renders an absolute promise of realigning its dwellers to his/her higher self and igniting peace within and with others.

There’s a mini saltwater pool for relaxing dips, delicious local gourmet cooking at iits Blue Mikey Restaurant, bicycles for rent, a quaint protected marina for snorkeling, and Birdland’s ingenious and unique transport tours like the Jump-off Hop-on Jeepney, Bamboo Tricycle, and a horse carriage for a tour around town.

Kalesa Tour in Bolinao
Kalesa Tour in Bolinao

Touring around town, be it through any of Birdland’s cool rides, or on a public tricycle, own private vehicle or on a bicycle always renders an enlightening experience. One get to revel in the picturesque scenery of rice paddies broadened by the ever clear sky, giving farmers the energy they need to plow their fields and watch their beloved carabaos graze the grass within their midst.

As journeys around Bolinao ignite the excitement even prior to arriving at the destination, travelers are thus prepared for the adventure-filled experiences that await them.

Patar Beach - Enriching Visit in Bolinao
Patar Beach – Enriching Visit in Bolinao

En-route to Patar Beach is already packed with Bolinao’s prized landmarks. The first spots to encounter are the Enchanted and Wonderful caves, which could be explored by spelunking through the cave and swimming in fresh spring water. Next is the historical Cape Bolinao Light House which served as the guiding light for mooring vesels during the early 1900’s and as a panoramic viewpoint of the West Philippine Sea. Lastly, there’s the long white Patar Beach that attracts beach lovers all-year-round with crystalline waters for swimming during the dry season and as a wavy playground for kiteboarders and windsurfers.

On another area of Bolinao are three grand waterfalls. Simply coined as Bolinao Waterfalls 1, 2 and 3, these natural showers make for a challenging adventure with the three falls’ varying water depths and cliff elevations. Either way, it holds fascinating opportunities for snorkeling, diving, swimming, and cliff jumping.

Saint James the Great Parish Church in Bolinao
Saint James the Great Parish Church in Bolinao

Bolinao has more natural wonders in store for travelers. Though it is best to explore them right off the bat, there’s one landmark, manmade yet as important, which deserves to be mentioned, and that is the miraculous Saint James the Great Parish Church. This formidable church has survived several strong typhoons and earthquakes with minor damages, as well as a protective refuge for the affected populace from then til now, yet unfailingly answering prayers from the heart.

So when planning for a trip to Bolinao, best to just pack and go, as any day is great for a natural treasure’s hunting day.

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